April 14th, 2014

Emily Sundblad at House of Gaga

Emily Sundblad at House of Gaga

Artist: Emily Sundblad

Venue: House of Gaga, Mexico City

Exhibition Title: Black is the New Orange

Date: February 4 – April 26, 2014

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Emily Sundblad at House of Gaga

Emily Sundblad at House of Gaga

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Emily Sundblad and Matt Sweeney. “The Irish Girl”. Performance February 4, 2014, Mexico City, Mexico.



Video and images courtesy of House of Gaga, Mexico City

Press Release:

On Display:

15 drawings made at the Santa Barbara Zoo, mounted on pleather, leather and card. 3 illustrations made in New York. adapted loosely from Rembrandt and Delacroix.

A white wedding dress and a veil that mimics a cage and makes the dress suitable for both a wedding and a funeral made by Proenza Schouler, based on a concept by Emily Sundblad.

One belt and one set of horse’s reins. One peep-hole into the dining room.

8 old English folk songs played in the gallery and displayed each on it’s own USB stick with hardware. The songs are adapted from early recordings by Shirley Collins and performed by Emily Sundblad and Matt Sweeney. Recorded in January 2014 by Justin Smith at Pink Duck studios in Burbank. Produced by Matt Sweeney.

1 Rib eye steak, frozen.

1 Piece of goat meat in a ziploc bag, frozen.

1 Assemblage/ visual EP consisting of a drawing titled “Lobster Dinner”, cutlery, four USB sticks with one song on each attached to various hardware, one plastic snake, a belt buckle and a glass of red wine.

The show is an attempt to explore how two antiquated institutions- the zoo and marriage- and one institution that will always be a jour- death- illustrate a feeling of imprisonment by love.

Link: Emily Sundblad at House of Gaga

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