May 3rd, 2014

Group Show at Kamm

Lisa Holzer

Artists: Lisa Holzer, Liz Magic Laser, Renzo Martens, Pilvi Takala, Britta Thie, Jordan Wolfson

Venue: Kamm, Berlin

Exhibition Title: It’s My Hair and I Can Do What I Want With It!

Curated by: Kirsa Geiser

Date: March 1 – April 19, 2014

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Group Show at Kamm

Full gallery of video, images, press release and link available after the jump.


Liz Magic Laser, excerpt from Mine, 2009. Single-channel video, 22 min. Courtesy of the artist.


Pilvi Takala, Real Snow White, 2009. HD video (16:9), 9:15min. Courtesy of the artist.


Britta Thie, Shooting, 2009. 2-channel video installation, loop, 1:21min. Courtesy of the artist.


Jordan Wolfson, The Crisis, 2004. Colour video, sound, 4:53min. Courtesy of the artist & David Zwirner New York/London.



Images courtesy of Kamm, Berlin.

Press Release:

Under the hypnotic grimaces of official pacification, a war is being waged. A war that can no longer be called simply economic, social, or humanitarian, because it is total. And though each of us senses that our existence has become a battlefield where neuroses, phobias, somatizations, depression, and anguish are but a kind of defeated retreat, no one can grasp the trajectory of the battle or understand what’s at stake in it. Paradoxically, it’s because of the total character of this war – total in its means no less than in its ends – that it could be invisible in the first place.

To open force the empire prefers underhanded methods, chronic prevention, and the spread of molecules of constraint through everyday life. Its internal (endo) cop-ization clearly relays the general cop-ization, as individual self-control does social control. The new police are imperceptible because they’re omnipresent.

Exhibition title and text are citations from: Tiqqun, Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl, 1999.

Link: Group Show at Kamm

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