May 29th, 2014

Pierre Klossowski at Isabella Bortolozzi

Pierre Klossowski at Bortolozzi

Artist: Pierre Klossowski

Venue: Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin

Exhibition Title: The Immortal Adolescent II

Date: December 14 – May 31, 2014

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Pierre Klossowski at Bortolozzi

Pierre Klossowski at Bortolozzi

Pierre Klossowski at Bortolozzi

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Images courtesy of Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin 

Press Release:

“The whole thing was composed very quickly, as though all I had to do was transcribe a dictation, or better yet, as though I were describing it as a play 1 was watching, leaving out none of the words which the actors’ various poses suggested to me, so that I actually felt as though I were right there listening to them speak.”

– Pierre Klossowski

The exhibition principally concentrates on the figure of the adolescent as he emerged in Klosswoski’s works of the late 80’s. This figure had assumed a number of earlier forms, initially as Antoine in Roberte ce Soir, Petit F and Petit X of the same scenario, and later as Ogier in the Baphomet, and finally again as the Immortal of his last text, from which the title of this show is taken.

Link: Pierre Klossowski at Isabella Bortolozzi

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