June 8th, 2014

“LEGS” at The National Exemplar

Keith Sonnier

Artists: Justin Adian, Julia Benjamin, Adam McEwen, Hanneline Rogeberg, Keith Sonnier

Venue: The National Exemplar, New York

Exhibition Title: LEGS

Date: April 8 – May 18, 2014

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"LEGS" at The National Exemplar

Adam McEwen

Julia Benjamin


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Images courtesy of The National Exemplar, New York

Press Release:

A leg is a weight bearing and locomotive structure, usually having a columnar shape. During locomotion, legs function as “extensible struts”. The combination of movements at all joints can be modeled as a single, linear element capable of changing length and rotating about an omnidirectional “hip” joint.

A limb of an animal used especially for supporting the body and for walking: as

One of the paired vertebrate limbs that in bipeds extend from the top of the thigh to the foot (2) :  the part of such a limb between the knee and foot

The back half of a hindquarter of a meat animal
One of the rather generalized segmental appendages of an arthropod used in walking and crawling
A pole or bar serving as a support or prop <the legs of a tripod>
A branch of a forked or jointed object <the legs of a compass>
A branch or part of an object or system


Keith Sonnier was born in 1941 in Mamou, Louisiana.
Hanneline Rogeberg was born in 1963 in Oslo, Norway.

Adam McEwen was born in 1965 in London,UK.
Justin Adian was born in 1976 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Julia Benjamin was born in 1984 in New York City.

Link: “LEGS” at The National Exemplar

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