June 16th, 2014

Lutz Bacher at Galerie Buchholz

Lutz Bacher at Daniel Buchholz

Artist: Lutz Bacher

Venue: Galerie Buchholz, Berlin

Exhibition Title: Homer

Date: May 2 – June 7, 2014

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Lutz Bacher at Daniel Buchholz

Lutz Bacher at Daniel Buchholz

Lutz Bacher at Daniel Buchholz

Full gallery of images, press release and link available after the jump. Images:

Images courtesy of Galerie Buchholz, Berlin/Cologne

Press Release:

In our Berlin gallery, the American artist Lutz Bacher will present a new suite of 14 photographs entitled “Homer”. This series depicts three off-duty Greek soldiers from the 1970s as they pose in an office, lounge on a couch, and smoke cigarettes on the street at nighttime. Duplications and repetitions of particular photographs in the sequence upend a narrative progression as the cycle of images seems to stutter, shift, and repeat. Evoking with its title both the ancient and the literary, this series uses images from the recent past to animate ideas around the structure of history and myth, the dynamics of male social relations, and the performative qualities of these posing subjects.

Alongside these photographs, Lutz Bacher will show “Bison”, a group of 4 large sculptures made of wood, burlap, clay, paper and wire. This herd of grazing ancient beasts recalls the subjects of Paleolithic cave paintings. Accompanying these pieces will be “Yamaha” (2010-12), a sculpture in which an electric organ is programmed via computer and rigged with wooden hammers to play random notes for random durations. “Yamaha” was previously on view at the 2012 Whitney Biennial. A selection of 4 pages from Lutz Bacher’s upcoming artist book “Shit For Brains” line the front hall of the gallery. Two videos will also be on view: “Snow” (1999) shows the Manhattan skyline through an apartment window with the World Trade Center appearing and disappearing in a snow storm; “Olympiad” (1997) records a walk through the Olympic Stadium in Berlin with footage that has been corrupted with various forms of digital disturbances.

For her first exhibitions with Galerie Buchholz, Lutz Bacher presents three parallel shows in the gallery’s three exhibition spaces in both Cologne and Berlin. The first two exhibitions just opened in the gallery’s two spaces in Cologne, and this third show opening in the Berlin gallery on May 2nd for Berlin Gallery Weekend will complete this very special constellation of exhibitions conceived by the artist.

Living and working under the pseudonym “Lutz Bacher” since the 1970s, the artist’s diverse conceptual practice spans photography, film, video and sculpture, often using found material, objects and images recontextualized from contemporary culture. Central to Lutz Bacher’s work over the past 40 years, and striking in the bodies of work on view, is the particular way that meaning in each image or object expands from its original context, probing at psychological, political and emotional implications, and transforming into something at once highly personal and simultaneously monumental.

In 2013, Lutz Bacher mounted three related institutional solo-exhibitions: at Portikus in Frankfurt-am-Main, at the ICA, London, and at the Kunsthalle Zurich. Previous institutional solo-exhibitions include MoMA/P.S. 1 (2009), Kunstverein Munich (2009), and the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis (2008). Recent group exhibition include “Spies in the House of Art”, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (2012); The Whitney Biennial, The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (2012); “Closed Circuit”, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2008); “Grey Flags”, Sculpture Center, New York and Musée d’Art Contemporain, Bordeaux (2006); “American Tableaux”, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2002); and “Bit Streams”, The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (2002). Her work is in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; MoMA, New York; The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; The Art Institute of Chicago, among others.

Link: Lutz Bacher at Galerie Buchholz

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