July 31st, 2014

Judith Hopf at PRAXES

16 May–14 June, Untitled (4)

Artist: Judith Hopf

Venue: PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art, Berlin

Exhibition Titles: Untitled (1); Untitled (2); Untitled (3); Untitled (4)

Date: January 31 – June 14, 2014

Note: A full documentation of the series of modular exhibitions is available here.

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11 April–11 May, Untitled (3)

16 May–14 June, Untitled (4)

31 January–23 March, Untitled (1)

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Images courtesy of PRAXES, Berlin. Photos by Eva Lechner.

Press Release:

PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art is a not-for-profit venue for international contemporary art and research in Berlin. Situated in a two-story 200 m2 former community building, PRAXES presents half-year cycles of consecutive exhibition modules, papers, and live activities revolving around two unassociated artistic practices. For the second exhibition Cycle running from January through June 2014, PRAXES presents parallel strings of exhibitions by JUDITH HOPF (Berlin) and FALKE PISANO (Berlin).

From performance, pop poetics, and discursive direction to short films, music videos, site-specific installations, and sculptures (spanning 3D-prints, found objects, and ceramics), Judith Hopf maintains a practice of growing diversity. Paired with a tongue-in-cheek attitude and slowed working process her array of work presents a playful resistance to categorization and requirements of artistic production. Taking its cue from Hopf’s defiance of conventions and fast turn-overs as well as thriving on her catalogue of collaborations—ongoing and new—this Cycle falls in four uneven measures. Emphasizing deceleration to the point of a deadpan stillness the first exhibition, Untitled (1), centers on a flock of concrete sheep from 2013. With a rotating sequence and tailored display, Untitled (2) presents a comprehensive archive of the artist’s film works from the past two decades. Untitled (3) takes a closer look at a series of masks sculpted from hard-drive and smartphone packaging and recreated as 3D-prints. Responding to the rising and falling tempo of the previous installments, Untitled (4) is created as a constellation of new works made for PRAXES, sinking into and seemingly permeating the brutalist building itself.

The investigation is further developed in a series of readings, published within the PRAXES Papers, by guest curator and writer Cecilia Canziani (Co-director of Nomas Foundation, Rome), focusing singly on three of Hopf’s works.

31 January–23 March, Untitled (1)

28 March–6 April, Untitled (2)

11 April–11 May, Untitled (3)

16 May–14 June, Untitled (4)

Link: Judith Hopf at PRAXES

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