July 1st, 2014

Norm Laich at Paradise Garage

Norm Laich at Paradise Garage

Artist: Norm Laich

Venue: Paradise Garage, Los Angeles

Exhibition Title: Lunatic Fringe

Date: May 17 – June 20, 2014

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Norm Laich at Paradise Garage

Norm Laich at Paradise Garage

Norm Laich at Paradise Garage

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Images courtesy of Paradise Garage, Venice

Press Release:

For the past few years I’ve been making work no larger than around 4′ because I don’t have enough space to store larger work. I like painting shapes. I used to cut shapes with a CNC router but thought the shapes looked too mechanical. Now I cut the shapes myself with a jig saw for a more natural look. I use computer sign software called FLEXISIGN-PRO to design my paintings. It’s specialized software similar to Illustrator for sign companies. The designs go through many revisions/proofs. The Distortion tool gets used a lot. The shapes are painted with high gloss enamel paint because the paint is tough and easy to clean. Lately, my general subject matter has been alien landscapes. Earth is getting fucked up by humans and that leads to thinking about escaping Earth to other planets. Seething, Smoldering Planet refers to Earth being burnt to a crisp by Global Warming. T&T City uses a destroyed AT&T skyline logo to depict an alien city being blown up. It’s usually aliens blowing up Earth cities. So, I turned the tables. Infinity World is the perfect alien planet with a sinister surveillance vibe. Mr. and Mrs. Slab #2 depicts abstract weirdo Earthlings that live in SLAB CITY, U.S.A. Non alien paintings: Mr. IT…..Cousin It is in the air with various versions by other artists. This is my version. Since the painting’s format is slim vertical, COUSIN wouldn’t fit, so I changed COUSIN to Mr.. I scribbled a drawing of Mr. IT and then scanned and painted it. One Day Hippie Center…..I like the One Day Auto Body sign and changed Auto Body to Hippie in flower power style and then added flames like Ed Ruscha’s LACMA on fire. Double Double Never Die…..My distortion and color alteration of an In and Out Burger Drive Thru sign. Someone (me) wrote “never die” on it. LUNATIC FRINGE….. Was working on logo/title for the show and it also turned into a piece/wall painting. I painted it high on the wall so it would float over people’s heads like most “real” signs do.

Link: Norm Laich at Paradise Garage

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