August 31st, 2014

“Another, Once Again, Many Times More” at Martos

Ugo Rondinone

Artists: Jim 

Kanter and 


Ward, Kelly Parr, Lisa Beck, Chuck Nanney, Jim Drain, Lazaros, Davina Semo, Greeyl Myatt, Sam Anderson, Sarah Brahman, Wayne Gonzales, Ugo 
Rondinone, Charles Harlan, Latitia de Bazelaire, Elias Hansen, Aaron Suggs, Uri Aran, Servane Mary, Amy O’Neill, Robert Mapplethorpe, James Welling, Erlea Maneros Zabala, Anne Collier, Annette Kelm, Guyton/Walker, Stephen Shore, John Miller, Konrad Klapheck, Michael Gonzalez, Marcel Broodthaers, Claire Fontaine, General Idea, Martin Kippenberger, Stephen Prina, Wade Guyton, Seth Price, Paul Sharits, Luke Butler, Miljohn Ruperto, Hans Peter Feldmann, Karlheinz Weinberger, Lucy McKenzie, Bali Alessandra Smith, Todd Kreher, Liz Glynn, Erik van Lieshout, Katherine Bernhardt and Youssef Jdia, Janine Lariviere, Carol Bove and Barry Rosen, Jack Smith, Robert Greene, Elaine Cameron-Weir, Anonymous, Harry Smith, Raymond Pettibon, Rose Marcus, Rochelle Goldberg, Luke Geronimas, Shawn Kuruneru, Calvin Seibert, Daniel Innes, JPW3, Chip Hughes, Janice Turner

Venue: Martos, New York

Exhibition Title: Another, Once Again, Many Times More

Curated by: Bob Nickas; Walead Beshty and Kelley Walker; Carol Bove; Bob Nickas and Virginia Overton; Ryan Foerster

Date: July 12 – September 1, 2014

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Group Show at Martos

Sarah Brahman

Lucy McKenzie

Full gallery of images, press release and link available after the jump.


Images courtesy of Martos, New York. Photos by Charles Benton. 

Press Release:

In its fifth iteration, the Martos Gallery summer exhibition will feature a number of artists serving as curators, creating shows-within-the show. Invited by curator Bob Nickas, these include:

On the 1st floor of the house:

a show organized by Walead Beshty and Kelley Walker

On the 2nd floor:

a show organized by Carol Bove

including works by Katherine Bernhardt and Youssef Jdia, Elaine Cameron-Weir, Robert Greene, Wade Guyton, Janine Lariviere, Harry Smith, Jack Smith, a large selection from Barry Rosen’s sea shell collection as well as a piece by an Anonymous artist.

Basement and garage:

a show organized by Ryan Foerster

including works by Lukas Geronimas, Rochelle Goldberg, Chip Hughes, Daniel Innes, JPW3, Shawn Kuruneru, Rose Marcus, Calvin Seibert and Janice Turner.


a show organized by Bob Nickas and Virginia Overton

including works by Sam Anderson, Uri Aran, Lisa Beck, Sarah Braman, Jim Drain, Wayne Gonzales, Eli Hansen, Charles Harlan, Jim Kanter and Lisa Ward, Servane Mary, Jason Metcalf, Greely Myatt, Chuck Nanney, Amy O’Neill, Kelly Parr, Ugo Rondinone, Davina Semo and Aaron Suggs.

The overall title of the show, “Another, Once Again, Many Times More” is in tribute to Hudson, of Feature Inc. gallery.

Link: Group Show at Martos

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