August 19th, 2014

“Haggard Caravan” at The Hepworth Wakefield

"Haggard Caravan" at The Hepworth Wakefield

Artists: Solar Lice (Jeanne Graff, Tobias Madison, Flavio Merlo, Emanuel Rossetti, Gregory Ruppe, William Z Saunders, Stefan Tcherepnin)

Venue: The Hepworth Wakefield

Exhibition Title: Haggard Caravan

Date: April 18 – June 12, 2014

Note: The audio element of the exhibition is available here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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"Haggard Caravan" at The Hepworth Wakefield

"Haggard Caravan" at The Hepworth Wakefield

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Solar Lice, live performance as part of “Haggard Caravan” at The Hepworth Wakefield, April 17, 2014.



Video and images courtesy of The Hepworth Wakefield. Photos by Eve Marloz, Hannah Webster, and Stuart Whipps.

Press Release:

Text by William Z Saunders for Haggard Caravan, later published by Monofonus Press in Austin, TX. April 2014

Developmentally Radical Experimental + Adaptive Maintenance
Sometimes the side effects are the only benefits.

Cell regeneration is possible in humans like a starfish grows new arms or a lizard grows another tail. Deer shed their antlers for new ones too. Musculoskeletal ecosystems are resilient to natural fluctuations in environment or sudden events that cause a disturbance. This is all due to asexual cellular processes. Metabolic alterations can be performed, but never reversed. Cellular regeneration techniques and homeostatic electricity immersion therapy are the current options for treatment. Aversion to stimuli was disproven in the last four clinical trials.

The clock in the city center chimes twelve times. The final clanging sustain followed by police sirens that are, at present time, the universal language. Rushing, hurrying, ever more frantic and then they seem to dissipate, falling away in the sunshine. FDA recommends a minimum of 5-10 minutes 3-4 x daily, not to exceed daily recommended dosage vitamins K & D exclusively. Wear appropriate clothing for facing the sun long enough to get the recommended dosage. Disregard side effects for benefits. Light sensitivity is common with our agents. UV protection required.

Three jet streams forming a pattern seen in runes, two lines meet at a tight intersection. X is two empty triangles. The sun is risen higher and more jet streams have appeared. These are parallel with one another. Two lines are drawn beneath the brightness. These lines are leaving. Someone’s going somewhere else. All directions point away from here.

Listening is a skill that requires practice. The average listener does not compare with the latest transcription software. Audio transcription is like a tumbleweed catcher in a Thai museum. It functions as a dead cell gathering point.


“Press in deep with your fingertips, and… release. Good. Now again. Press into the keyboard with your fingertips, and… listen…very good. Now release. Again. Very good. You are a natural. Do this at least once daily. Be sure to look in one direction and always listen. Listen closely to tune into the still clear, and vibrate gently. Continue this practice until you are finished. Do you think you can do that? Good.”

Operatives arrive in concrete bunkers. They materialize to serve as electric mixing machines blending in suspended conscience. Spectral hovering maintains chemically induced 3 dimensional holographic hallucinations in the frontal, temporal, and parietal lobes by a series of infusions administered daily into each hyperbolic cylinder. Location of cylinder storage is decided upon redistribution of intended energy transference. Faction formation is decided upon arrival and assessment standards of criteria are rigid. Once a line is drawn it shall not be moved unless the movement can be backed up with empirical data. If the trajectory changes, then a new set of coordinates will emerge in your perspective view finder. If you cannot decipher the instructions without primitive tools you may refer to the schematic as we are aware that alterations in consciousness will cause temporary loss of autonomic control and disturbances in motor muscle memory function. If a potential candidate qualifies they receive a summons. If notification is ignored, they will be discharged and memory is wiped. Once the invitation is acknowledged, access is granted. A surrogate will escort them into the dream.

Welcome to the sexy ghost hotel. In the lounge you will notice our collection of hides hanging above the bar. You may try them on if you insist, for we are no longer attached. They serve as a reminder, mere souvenirs of our former host selves. Waking up is a choice, but not an option. It is only a matter of when. TUNE INTO AND GET OUT OF YOUR SELF. Your reflection is the first thing you will see upon waking in the dream state to serve as a reminder. You must maintain your vehicle. You are no longer a ghost here. You are a human being. You must be kind to your host self. Bodily/vehicular maintenance is not your primary objective, nor is it secondary. Self propulsion is necessary to initiate the motivation to achieve and maintain harmonious balance. Self care is a practice that will in time become second nature. The more you practice, the easier it will be.

Various methods can be applied in conjunction with the finest fuel available in your present state. Utilize both isometric and plyometric shock methods in constricted and noise restricted spaces. If you cannot comply for any reason you will receive an injection. The injection site will go undetected. An associate from the network will accompany you for the duration of your stay. Interpersonal communication opens the channels where barriers occur, and will alert the agency of any modifications we need to make in the future.

Maximum hydration ensures sustained lubrication and effective transport. Dehydration is a necessary component in supranatural rituals. Rehydration although mundane is essential to exaltation. Excellent hydration practices are lionized in the higher order and held in the same regard as sanitation. Prolonged alcohol consumption will lower your vibration. Moderation is recommended, but compotation is also prescribed for operatives with hyperactive reception.

Suspension of consciousness is a necessity, but various states can only be occupied if requirements are left undefined. Your present state is to be transcended not endured. This is why homeostatic electrical immersion is recommended. Consciousness level separation is attained when heterodyning occurs wherein distorted frequencies are absorbed and processed. Signal interpretation is simplest in the unconscious mind. The behaviour of the signals will direct your ascension. If a signal is misinterpreted, debris separation will recalibrate the high powered consciousness shifter.

Final trajectory is not predetermined.

Everything is a trial. This is not escape from your lifetime. Regulatory institutional practices father depression, but employment of the mechanism can be liberating. Ideas born here are not original. Negativity accumulates between dimensions IV & V when the rituals are abandoned. Image projections are ignored temporally and redistributed throughout affiliated systems. Spirit catchers set the standard for dream filtration systems. Current operatives are notified of relocation, levels of involvement, engagement, and the varying degrees of interest of hosts in our assigned location. Notification will be subtle, for there is no severity index for lack of enchantment at the time of this transmission. Updates are communicated via holographic sonar interruptor. It is your responsibility to disengage every hour of each day. Be sure to limit your consumption of illusory connection technology. Myopic distraction increases anxiety and softens interactions in the present dimension. Water purification ritual can be followed by the sublingual absorption of herbal supplements for enhanced potency. The acquisition of necessary supplements must be approved by the agency, and obtained from a dispensary. Daily intake of an opioid agonist is now required for your participation in the program. Low dose maintenance creates inner conflict with orgone energy and other cellular regeneration techniques. Proper administration technique ensures efficacy. Daily microscopy is necessary, and routine urinalysis will be performed by the agency to measure metabolic levels and monitor all pathognomonic characteristics detected. Infections are environmental. Tolerance for pain will increase over time as levels of nutrients diminish.

Stimulant intake must be monitored. A reduction is not advised unless the host displays withdrawal symptoms. Signs of withdrawal may include, but are not limited to memory loss, night sweats, extreme thirst, diarrhea, spontaneous ejaculation, nocturnal emissions, nosebleeds, muscle pain, and restlessness. You will be compensated for your cooperation by replenishing the substance your mind requires least. The results of your involvement will be available to you in the next dimension. What we learn comes from the data compiled in previous studies, so your participation is a must.

Due to the impending (bio psycho social) crux of neurotransmitter depletion, all fluids are subject to metabolic analysis. It flows through a sonic rotating vapourizing filter, and any 3 dimensional bodies are removed. Recirculation occurs in the abdomen of our facilities. Small biological canisters are filled with individual doses of a synthetic neurotransmitter that are dispersed intermittently and then metabolized according to spatial relation, timezone, and biological origin. Dark matter is a delicate subject.

You will be issued a master cylinder and two cartridges containing both sets of instructions. In the cylinder you will discover a series of discs. Each of these discs contain ultra dynamic soundwave promotion. We have provided all of the necessary sound suppression equipment and imposed volume restriction so not to disturb the neighboring occupants. The universal heat shield requires a transponder key, the use of which can be acquired for a small donation of bodily fluid. We have upgraded the projection room with and internal entry code defragmenter for your convenience. Once you are seated inside, telepathic esthetic harmonious graphics distribution begins. Disregard all digestive disturbances. This is common as sound wave surges mimic and reduce the level of neurotransmitters that are responsible for feelings like happiness and cause the sensation of fullness.

Personal use of the tachyonic antitelephone is prohibited, but as illusions appear and fall away you may recognize these events as memories from a former self. Do not be tempted to listen too intently, just give yourself to the state. Trances are induced for a reason. You will never have enough open space and free time to ponder the universal truth and grasp understanding. Private displays of emotional intelligence are discouraged. Always maintain rigid boundaries while interacting with subordinates.


Regimented consumption of these promotions will be monitored. Any deviation from the schedule will be subject to scrutiny. Some areas of marked interest in the field of ideas, imaginative technology, and philosophical concepts. Your personal history is tracked in real time. Any attempt to conceal your history, or distort the frequency of our transmissions will be diffused. In the beginning there was a budget of precisely Z E R O. We employ every method at our disposal to protect our vested interest.


Haggard Caravan is a sound and sculpture installation conceived in response to The Hepworth Wakefield’s new space, The Calder, by Jeanne Graff, Tobias Madison, Flavio Merlo, Emanuel Rossetti, Gregory Ruppe, William Z Saunders and Stefan Tcherepnin. Produced over ten days, the exhibition evolved as a direct response to the site’s architecture, riverside setting and the history of this reclaimed building. The group have used The Calder as a space in which to collate and process their experiences of Wakefield, the most physical manifestation of this realised in the form of a 30-metre long ‘relief’ in which objects and materials collected each day have been dispersed across 29 panels and submerged in cement and resin. Growing to gradually obscure the main bank of windows in the space, this formal intervention disrupts the threshold between the building’s interior and exterior, altering the gallery’s acoustic dynamics and filtering the natural movement of light across the space.

The installation also comprises a new immersive audio work that combines sounds created with a Serge Modular Synthesizer and field recordings of otherwise neglected or ‘discarded’ sounds taken in Wakefield. The piece lasts 40 minutes and plays on the hour throughout the course of the exhibition.

Link: “Haggard Caravan” at The Hepworth Wakefield

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