August 29th, 2014

Morag Keil at Real Fine Arts

Morag Keil at Real Fine Arts

Artist: Morag Keil

Venue: Real Fine Arts, New York

Exhibition Title: Would you eat your friends?

Date: June 28 – July 27, 2014

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Morag Keil at Real Fine Arts

Morag Keil at Real Fine Arts

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Morag Keil, July 10th 2014 2PM at Real Fine Arts, 2014. Single channel digital video, 7min 40sec.



Video and images courtesy of Real Fine Arts, New York

Press Release:

The structure of contemporary social media encourages its users to consider peers, neighbors, pets, relatives, and other digital acquaintances in terms of potential revenue. Why bother to connect without recuperating a net gain? If this conditional problem mirrors the glad-handing of the professional world, or the strategic alliances among those influential coteries so enthusiastically discussed by historians, it’s because friends do come with benefits.And caring is the lowest paid of the service industries – the existence of Twitter and the Big Society PR campaign won’t change this. Captialism doesn’t need any health insurance, but I can’t say the same for us. I still like it when my English friends suggest we “link up” and their casual semantics imply zero networking oppurtunities. The compulsion to politeness leaves a bad taste in my mouth – and at this rate I can’t afford to let any greasy motherfuckers make me sick.

Morag Keil’s painting, mixed-media sculpture, film and installation works reflect the absurd disjunction between dominant social messages and the unexceptional ways in which things actually play out – online and off.

-Kari Rittenbach

Link: Morag Keil at Real Fine Arts

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