August 18th, 2014

Rossella Biscotti at Wiels

Rossella Biscotti at Wiels

Artist: Rossella Biscotti

Venue: Wiels, Brussels

Exhibition Title: For the Mnemonist, S.

Date: May 28  – August 17, 2014

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Rossella Biscotti at Wiels

Rossella Biscotti at Wiels

Rossella Biscotti at Wiels

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Images courtesy of Wiels, Brussels

Press Release:

For her first survey exhibition, Italian artist Rossella Biscotti draws a trajectory that reflects on the conflicting yet overlapping notions of history and memory. In the exhibition, five major works from the past five years compose an architecture that departs from Biscotti’s research into the institutional forms developed by society to control and discipline, and continues to map the deeper layers of the mind. The title refers to a case study of Soviet psychologist Alexander Luria that concentrates on ‘S.’, a young man with an incredibly vast but bizarre memory.

Memory is one of Biscotti’s primary angles when investigating the cracks and marks of historical processes, which are presented both in a physical and symbolic way. The gestures and techniques of recording, translating and editing the imprints of the mind make the latent again manifest. The cognitive functions of the brain, allow Biscotti to reveal the tensions and relations between the individual and the collective, institutions and language, power and subversion. In her practice, she cuts across film, performance and sculptural installations— means through which she explores and evokes critical moments and places from recent history. Biscotti addresses the viewer on multiple levels of experience, by transferring and re-embodying the historical record, the spoken word, the physical trace into the present tense.

Link: Rossella Biscotti at Wiels

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