September 28th, 2014

“Postcodes” at Coletor

Rodrigo Matheus

Artists: Adriano Amaral, Mauro Cerqueira, Asif Kapadia, Jan Kiefer, Maria Loboda, Rodrigo Matheus, Kaspar Müller, Blake Rayne, Raquel Uendi, Viola Yeşiltaç

Venue: Coletor, São Paulo

Exhibition Title: Postcodes: Kind

Date: September 4 – 15, 2014

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Postcodes at Poletor

Kaspar Muller

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Jan Kiefer, Lift, 2014, HD Video, 3:10 min, courtesy the artist and Poletor, São Paulo.



Images courtesy of Postcodes, São Paulo

Press Release:

In a moment they bent into arcades, like Roman aqueducts.

A long cornice was next formed at the top, and above it rose innumerable castles, all perfectly alike; these again changed into towers, which were shortly after lost in colonnades, then windows, and at last ended in pines, cypresses and other trees.

Today, the coordinates of long-dominant systems of geographic codification, and the modern logics of governance embedded within them, have been scrambled across a planet increasingly bound in complex systems that have unmoored identity from its traditional ties to place whilst producing nodes of increasingly intensive interaction. In this new world the distance between locations has been simultaneously collapsed and splayed open in overlapping, multi-scalar layers producing new relationships between place and identity, new forms of subjectification and the possibility for new dynamics of evasion and control.

Postcodes seeks to question how dominant patterns of codification are being transformed today by bringing together artistic practices that challenge our assumptions about the relationship between location and identity, distance and proximity, and the forms of knowledge and representations that these relationships are grounded upon and the subjectivities they produce.  The program poses these interrogations within the context of the city of São Paulo, and aims to dynamically respond to the complexities of an emerging international cultural hub.

Postcodes will foster collaboration between diverse groups of young international artists via a series of exhibitions, artist mediated lectures and a dedicated publication. Its aim is to provide a singular and long-standing platform for both contributors and the public.

Link: “Postcodes” at Coletor

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