October 1st, 2014

Allan McCollum at Friedrich Petzel

Allan McCollum at Petzel

Artist: Allan McCollum

Venue: Friedrich Petzel, New York

Exhibition Title: The Shapes Project: Perfect Couples

Date: September 4 – October 4, 2014

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Allan McCollum at Petzel

Allan McCollum at Petzel

Allan McCollum at Petzel

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Images courtesy of Friedrich Petzel, New York.

Press Release:

Petzel Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by New York based artist Allan McCollum. This is his sixth solo exhibition with the gallery.

McCollum has for years challenged our culture’s tendency to value single unique artworks over objects produced in large quantities. For “The Shapes Project,” started back in 2005, he has set out to design a system that would allow for the production of a single, unique shape for every person in the world. To make certain that the system will be able to accommodate everyone, it has been organized to produce over 31,000,000,000 different shapes, which is more than the highest population estimates might require. The show in September will be the latest iteration of the “Shapes Project” called “Perfect Couples” which is an attempt to create pairs of his Shapes that could suggest unique human relationships.

Link: Allan McCollum at Friedrich Petzel

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