October 2nd, 2014

Brian Kokoska and Debo Eilers at American Medium

Debo Eilers

Artists: Brian Kokoska and Debo Eilers

Venue: American Medium, New York

Exhibition Title: Rare Angel

Date: September 4 – October 4, 2014

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Brian Kokoska and Debo Eilers at American Medium

Brian Kokoska

Brian Kokoska

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Images courtesy of American Medium, New York.

Press Release:

Spacious soul hole
Gerardo Contreras

An unalterable transformation is occurring in the sub-atomic constitution and to the psycho- magnetic momentum of libido: the object supposed to be motionless and definitional of anthropoid distinctiveness is progressively drifting as the post-industrial turmoil transmuting the scenery of western psychosexualities disappears just before consciousness is able to grasp it and perform an introjection that would settle it deep inside our minds, within our intensities, our psyches, our becoming. Manifold systems of post-human soul interconnectivity, arrangements of scattered and detached intelligence,infinitely-wrecked, intercession-entangled in a propagation of simulated methods of intervention and delayed absence are ordaining a novel mentality at the spiritual disentanglements of these cyber-affects and our primordial mind-less body.

Let us pose a question about the soul in terms of the predicament provoked by confusion warfare state: what is this ‘body’ and why is it at this specific interval in the mapping of the mythology of Western power relations? The actual distinctiveness of the soul turns rather problematic. Nevertheless, the first interrogation on the soul in a supra-networked situation is virtually one of decoded information from radio wave feedback, electronic voice messages and the enigma of persona, of ‘who’ the embryonic soul is, but what and how is this soul accumulated and distorted by contrapuntal progressions, pervasive meditations, and ever faster, increasingly interactive schizo- systems? How and by what measures do the technical bionetworks in which we are engrossed modify our perception and set an ever-looping chain of intertwined post-human souls?

Now, the actual functions ubiquitously in the current scenario; its techno-affective insistences have proliferated into actual anti-matter, ever-annihilating particles, virtual waves in quantum-sex technologies; actual apparatuses and virtual remembrance in processor nano-engineering; virtual orgasms and actual impasses in artificial orgonic manifestations; virtual atoms in drug design.

Outside the machinic soul, a magnifying slither of virtual beings, progressions, and formulas of activity invade spiritual “life.”

Bringing into question a notion of the actual in relation to the brain-less body or soul, the actual denotes an authoritative, extensive procedure of current networked technologies of the self, a maneuver by which an action -apparently any action- of current spiritualist discourse is antagonized by and interrelates with an actual arrangement of itself. Until a second ago, ‘actual’ was an unassuming decoherent idea connoting something flimsy,fictional, not quite tangible-”in principle or affect not in content”, a practice comprehending definite sublime and mathematical occurrences insinuating to soul research implementations of unreal or non-real particles, such as virtual rays and foci in optics, and actual potencies and exertion in nano-mechanics.

Got tortilla with butter on phone Think it’s the end? -Cher

Link: Brian Kokoska and Debo Eilers at American Medium

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