October 27th, 2014

Park McArthur at Lars Friedrich

Park McArthur at Lars Friedrich

Artist: Park McArthur

Venue: Lars Friedrich, Berlin

Exhibition Title: Passive Vibration Isolation

Date: September 20 – November 1, 2014

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Park McArthur at Lars Friedrich

Park McArthur at Lars Friedrich

Park McArthur at Lars Friedrich

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Images courtesy of Lars Friedrich, Berlin

Press Release:

Protect the dock from truck damage.

Pushed up against the edges of the room, measured bolt hole center to bolt hole center, abrasive-resistant rubber provides durable, economical protection for loading docks and trailers that can withstand years of repeat abuse. Pads are laminated between painted structural angles and held together with 3⁄4” steel tie rods. Medium-soft, non- marking black polyurethane rubber has Durometer hardness of 70 Scale OO and pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that offers easy “peel and stick” installation.

Absorb the shock.

Worn-out flannel makes for easy “tear and hang” installation. Custom stainless steel armatures modeled after department store advertisement stands from Japan display old sleepwear by Victoria’s Secret; Forever 21; and by Nancy Herman, my grandmother, who makes me pairs of pajama pants for Christmas. The pajamas are full of holes. They hang from the armatures by these holes. The fabrics are patterned: rainbows, blue snowflakes, red snowflakes, breakfast foods, black polka dots.

This is an exhibition of loading dock rubber bumpers and old pajama bottoms. These materials offer maximum impact absorption and cushioning–what is called passive vibration isolation. They virtually eliminate vehicular and building damage. I call the pajama-armature sculptures commodes after commodus, Latin for “proper, fit, appropriate, convenient, satisfactory.” A commode is a chair with a built-in chamber pot. A commode is also a chest with drawers. Accommodation is a commodity too. Indoor plumbing is to shopping is to freight trucks backing up onto loading docks is to everywhere: what passes over and through bodies of maximum convenience is also what is absorbed.

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