October 30th, 2014

Simon Starling at The Arts Club of Chicago

Simon Starling at Arts Club of Chicago

Artist: Simon Starling

Venue: The Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago

Exhibition Title: Pictures for an Exhibition

Date: June 6 – September 26, 2014

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Simon Starling at Arts Club of Chicago

Simon Starling at Arts Club of Chicago

Simon Starling at Arts Club of Chicago

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Images courtesy of the artist; Casey Kaplan, New York; and Artist Rights Society. 

Press Release:

The Arts Club of Chicago is pleased to announce a newly commissioned work by Turner- award winning artist Simon Starling. One of the leading artists of his generation, Starling is noted for his attentive treatment of objects and their stories. Often taking up key moments in the history of modernism, Starling generates elegant installations, films, photographs, or sculptures that unearth unacknowledged connections or migrations within the art world. The sculptor Constantin Brancusi was the subject of a breakthrough project by Starling in 2004, when he shipped a two-ton slab of steel from Romania across the Atlantic, echoing the movement of Brancusi’s 1923 Bird in Space, which became the subject of a lawsuit between the artist and the United States Customs Office.

Returning to Brancusi for his Arts Club exhibition, Starling has addressed a pair of vintage installation photographs that depict the 1927 Arts Club exhibition Sculpture and Drawings by Constantin Brancusi, which was organized by Marcel Duchamp. Starling tracked down the current locations of the 18 Brancusi sculptures visible in these photographs and traveled across the United States, as well as to Basel, Rotterdam, Switzerland, and Toronto, Canada to find them. Using two 8×10 cameras produced in Chicago by the Deardorff Company, the same brand employed for the original exhibition views, Starling has retraced and recorded the moves these sculptures made over the last 87 years. Along the way, he collected anecdotes of provenance that intersect with the diamond trade, Nazi appropriation of cultural goods, prohibition, and other incidents that point toward interconnections between art, economics, society, and history.

Link: Simon Starling at The Arts Club of Chicago

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