November 26th, 2014

Pentti Monkkonen at High Art


Artist: Pentti Monkkonen

Venue: High Art, Paris

Exhibition Title: Wind Parade

Date: October 24 – November 29, 2014

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Pentti Monkkonen at High Art



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Images courtesy of High Art, Paris. 

Press Release:

It’s impossible to directly access the past or future. We are all moving “forward” in time. We use spatial terms to describe this “motion” of time because nobody knows what time is.

Our sense of history is based on our memories of lived experiences. It’s impossible to say if the 90`s were better because I was a teenager then, my memories of art then are influenced by the novelty of those experiences.

My generation was split by the internet. We have experienced a childhood and early teen years without it, and watched it rise as we matured.

From the little that I understand about the process of bitcoin mining it seems kind of similar to the creation of value in the artworld where the studying of art history is done by thousands of grad students and then new layers are added to the history.

The world population was 4 billion the year I was born.

Is our current system speeding toward catastrophe, or am I just transferring my own anxiety about mortality?

What will happen to all the art in the event of a global weather or economic disaster? I have a friend whose gallery bubble wrapped his paintings so well that they floated on the surface of a flooded basement during hurricane Sandy and remained unharmed.

Link: Pentti Monkkonen at High Art

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