November 18th, 2014

Petra Cortright at Société

Petra Cortright at Société

Artist: Petra Cortright

Venue: Société, Berlin

Exhibition Title: PETWELT

Date: September 10 – November 22, 2014

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Petra Cortright at Société

Petra Cortright at Société

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Petra Cortright, When You Walk Through the Storm, 2009, Webcam video, 1.55 min.


Petra Cortright, Main Bitch, 2012, Webcam video, 5.32 min.


Petra Cortright, Bridal Shower, 2013, Webcam video, 2 min.


Petra Cortright, Sparkling 1, 2010, Webcam video, 1.34 min.



Video and images courtesy of Société, Berlin

Press Release:

I had a computer since I was one. Like thousands of trees, water- falls and stuff. It would be so good to look at now, this printed-out list of emoticons. The librarian was telling everyone to use Google instead of Yahoo because it was better. I thought it was a weird word.
unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghthist question. google images probably??

i wrote in 2007 inspired by the meeting of largest dog in the world with the smallest dog in the world:
They have stupid technology. Money doesn’t exist.
borderline creepy stuff like that. They got really freaked out because I only showed up with my laptop and a webcam
I was listening to happy hardcore and Britney Spears remixes till 6 AM.
so it was hard to eat and sleep, but I was massively productive and I made so many videos.
It was really exciting, but all of the sudden I felt really sick and I actually threw up
I’m like the biggest baby ever.
I was on the pre Olympic team. I quit at the height of everything because all of the college scouts were showing up to watch you
like Britney Spears, Taco Bell, KFC, Rugrats
It’s really silly, it’s really dark, it’s really beautiful
At Petco they have this big machine where you can make dog tags.
i cant say i am like “philosophically” into it. its convenient. but i have to say though that the comments are a special gift
since 08 i become more organized
skypes just ok.
They did everything with their hands, that’s what was natural for them at that time.
So I got all the materials myself and tried to learn and I only lasted an hour.
It’s really generic dreamy, like dream house boards, flowers people would like to have at their wedding, exotic travel landscapes and cityscapes.
But in general there haven’t really been a lot of surprises.
Or maybe it feels taboo to talk about in a way.
I’m used to making every thought into a tweet.
If anything I sometimes feel slowed down by it.
And he was like, “Wow, good idea, let’s do that!”
Before you play, you begin adding what you want to the city. That was my favorite part. It’s like if you don’t already know something you can’t search for it.
I use my hands and my hair a lot because you can get a lot of movement out of them.
I have this respect for them because they give me the structure I need to feel the freedom to be creative and make work.

there is a difference between the light in Berlin, which is kind of blue, as opposed to the light in LA where it’s very orange and beautiful.
tired, eating beans alone in my studio

I searched for trees.

(Text by Ella Plevin)

Link: Petra Cortright at Société

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