November 10th, 2014

Single Moms at Vilma Gold

Single Moms at Vilma Gold

Artists: Single Moms (Keith Connolly, Jim Fletcher, Bernadette van Huy, Josef Strau, Stefan Tcherepnin, Hanna Tornudd)

Venue: Vilma Gold, London

Exhibition Title: House of Gaga presents Single Moms

Date: October 12 – November 15, 2014

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Single Moms at Vilma Gold

Single Moms at Vilma Gold

Single Moms at Vilma Gold

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Images courtesy of Vilma Gold, London

Press Release:

Single Moms
By Bernadette Van-Huy

Josef said to me one day in February I have an idea for something, he spoke about a Calif of Baghdad from some long ago time who because of his station had to inhabit the palace, with all its splendors and with its hundreds of servants, but he did not want to live off the people and so he quietly sewed bed sheets and had a servant slip out a side door each day to sell them in the market place. And this is what he lived on.

Josef spoke about the current president of Uruguay Jose Murico who also only wants a private and independent means and so he lives in a ramshackle farm by the side of the road and he works the land growing flowers which he sells.

Josef spoke about how certain people with a shared handicap come together to support each other and engage in a shared craft to help the days go by and to make the ends meet, how in Germany you can buy clothing sewn by the blind for example Josef said he, I, and a couple of our close friends share a similar problem. We have a certain problem getting by, an inability to use our achievements to organize any material results or profits, and so let’s band together and more precise to their actual situations, was the somehow metaphorical comparison to the situation of some disabled persons who, instead of staying dependant to their families and neighbors decide to organize their lives according to the idea of meeting and gathering other people of similar disadvantages and developing and implementing plans to produce and possibly trade certain self manufactured commodities. By leaving their place of lone days and dependence the disabled individual would, transform itself into a now cooperating disabled individual and would not only achieve the improvement of his own condition, but their production would seemingly miraculously make a great affect on others and the results would be in any case very attractive to many

Josef said it would be great to have Jim, and so we called up Jim and planned a meeting, with Jim there, the three of us sitting around the kitchen table, Josef proceeded to tell him what he’d told me about the Calif of Baghdad, the Pres of Uruguay, the handicaps tribe-ing together, and Jim said Yeah Yeah

The idea was we would make some beautiful goods for the home working together with our different talents and abilities creating a cottage industry which we and our fellow handicap’d friends could share in, thereby sustaining our little group in an independent and enjoyable way.

Jim, Josef and I discussed, typed up minutes, made summations of our discussions several times over and yet we didn’t begin that kind of production of producing solid, usable goods for the home, it was something none of us had any knowledge of. And so the idea remained suspended in our minds and in time for many months, indefinitely, until I mentioned it to Fernando. And he had the brilliant idea to begin slowly make a somewhat ‘art’ edition first. That way we can begin to explore our thoughts and motifs of ‘beautiful home goods’ but we wouldn’t yet have to confront the wholly foreign realms of that kind of production. And that was the key that unlocked the situation

And so I called up Keith, and Stefan, and Hanna Single moms

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