January 14th, 2015

“Astro 5” at 186f Kepler


Artist: John Armleder

Venue: 186f Kepler

Exhibition Title: Astro 5

Date: March – December, 2014

186f Kepler: Clifton PalaceVzszhhzzPho Viet HuongTes Yeux

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Press Release:

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(ongoing at various speed)
As a student in 1962, John Armleder owns a herbarium and decides to take a lily and crush it — it is too big — between two pieces of wood. A bit later, he gives a presentation on hummingbirds, whose remarkable feature is their capacity to hover in mid-air and fly backwards. At that time he also trains regularly, rowing on Lake Léman with Patrick Lucchini and Claude Rychner. The group, first known as Max Bolli, then as Bois, later becoming Ecart, walk around town observing rooftops and leading unofficial and ephemeral happenings in the snow.

It’s 2014, and John Armleder and I are sitting at a hotel terrace in Los Angeles, looking at the flat wheel of a lawn chair while rain of pollen glistens before our eyes. The hum of a deafening helicopter is getting close: John Armleder points his finger to the sky: a hummingbird?

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Link: “Astro 5” at 186f Kepler

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