January 6th, 2015

“Down where changed” at Cubitt

Gregg Bordowitz

Artists: Gregg Bordowitz, Travis Jeppesen, Adrian Piper, Henrik Potter, Stephen Sutcliffe

Venue: Cubitt, London

Exhibition Title: Down where changed

Date: November 28, 2014 – January 11, 2015

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Stephen Sutcliffe

Adrian Piper

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Images courtesy of Cubitt, London. Photos by Mark Blower.

Press Release:

Down where changed is a show which reflects on weight, the removal of weight, and loss with works by Gregg Bordowitz, Travis Jeppesen, Adrian Piper, Henrik Potter and Stephen Sutcliffe. The title draws on an eponymous collection of writings by poet J.H. Prynne, a work where ambivalences around lack and excess are drawn upon: where the almost nothing becomes the almost too much.

Henrik Potter’s Deadweight/My Calm (After Paris) is a newly realised work, an installation which operates along ideas of weight and contingency. Drawing on industrial materials, the installation articulates points of functionality within the space – covering, securing and dividing – and yet function and use are limp- ing, returning to points of fragility and embodiment. Also realised for the context of this show is poet and activist Gregg Bordowitz’s Debris Field III, a concrete poem, grappling with the possibilities and troubles of pathos. Like much of Bordowitz’s work there is a subtext of loss in Debris Field, and the slippages between care and obligation.

The work of Adrian Piper, The Mythic Being Cycle I, is a sound piece from 1974. During this period, Piper did a series of exercises in the ‘structure of subjectivity’ working with repetition and absorption performed by and as the ‘Mythic Being’, a gender-ambiguous alter ego of Piper’s. Stephen Sutcliffe’s Come to the Edge (2003) draws on a recording of the poet Christopher Logue reciting a poem originally written in 1968, and archival footage shot in a 6th form common room – a soundtrack of sorts for Down where changed. Travis Jeppesen’s Rainstained Rodin (2014) is a projection and a study ‘of surfaces and weight’.

Link: “Down where changed” at Cubitt

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