February 26th, 2015

Christian Flamm at dépendance

Christian Flamm at de?pendance

Artist: Christian Flamm

Venue: dépendance, Brussels

Exhibition Title: Continuation Souabe

Date: January 17 – February 28, 2015

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Christian Flamm at de?pendance

Christian Flamm at de?pendance

Christian Flamm at de?pendance

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Images courtesy of dépendance, Brussels. Photos © 2015 Sven Laurent – Let me shoot for you.

Press Release:

dépendance is pleased to present Continuation Souabe, Christian Flamm’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition features paintings, a floor sculpture, a typeface and a soundtrack, created over the course of the past year and highlights the artist’s interest in the region from which he originates, the South-German Souabe.

The works on view represent a constructed language through which the artist refers in various ways to his own biography and Swabian home; the vinyl paintings are informed by the artists group Gruppe 11, the public sculptures of Otto Herbert Hajek, the font designer Hans Möhring, a local knitting factory, musical notes and the region’s emblem, among others.

The sound piece is a unique record of a rendition of the Lorem Ipsum text, which is used in publishing and graphic design as a filler text commonly used to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document or visual presentation.

Flamm created a special typeface for the exhibition; Swabia Black, and re-designed the gallery’s logo for the duration of the exhibition. The display-style typeface appears in full in one of the paintings; the triptych at the gallery’s entrance refers to the typographic sign of three dots, which places the exhibition somewhere on an imagery timeline.

Christian Flamm (B. Germany, 1974, lives and works in London) explores his personal relationship with collective imagery. On his computer and canvases the artist composes imagery which is charged with emotion and promise. The works’ graphic appeal heightens the iconic quality of the images. Their suggestive openness provokes the spectator to project their wishes, fantasies, and memories onto them.

Link: Christian Flamm at dépendance

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