February 8th, 2015

“Lands’ End” at Bodega

Alisa Baremboym

Artists: Patrick Armstrong, Alisa Baremboym, Mia Goyette, Zoe Latta, Josephine Pryde, Dena Yago

Venue: Bodega, New York

Exhibition Title: Lands’ End

Date: January 11 – February 15, 2015

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"Lands' End" at Bodega

Mia Goyette

"Lands' End" at Bodega

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Images courtesy of Bodega, New York

Press Release:

I watched a metal milk jug roll down the sidewalk and into the gutter. When righted, it became a collector for rain water. I took it back to my apartment. I carried it to my roof, covering its mouth with a sheet of cheesecloth to filter the brake particulates and other settling dusts. On tasting the gathered rain, it lacked the dulled metallic sweetness of the city’s municipal tap water. When I found that jug it was in the gutter at the opening of an alleyway, no longer used as a vase for the dried wheat, the dried and bleached yarrow flowers, the dried celosia cockscomb that had sat in repose atop the Maitre d’s reclaimed burnt pine stand. The restaurant door was held open by the weight of a rusted steel wheel. In California, I drive past hubcaps lying on the side of the road.

Link: “Lands’ End” at Bodega

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