February 6th, 2015

Markus Schinwald at Museum Leuven

Markus Schinwald at Museum Leuven

Artist: Markus Schinwald

Venue: Museum Leuven

Curated by: Eva Wittocx

Date: February 10, 2014 – August 2, 2015

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Markus Schinwald at Museum Leuven

Markus Schinwald at Museum Leuven

Markus Schinwald at Museum Leuven

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Images courtesy of Museum Leuven

Press Release:

Underwater scenes featuring hundreds of colourful fish, mechanical dolls in a diorama, furniture reminiscent of body parts, films and a mobile wall covered with paintings. At M, contemporary artist Markus Schinwald (°1973, Salzburg) has created a theatrical setting with moving artworks and characters. From 2.10.14 until 8.02.15, M is hosting the Austrian artist’s first retrospective exhibition in Belgium.

Markus Schinwald is a versatile artist. In each of the consecutive rooms at M, he reveals a different facet of his recent oeuvre. The artist selects his medium based on his ideas or on the intensity he wants the artwork to exude. Sometimes they are paintings or sculptures, but at other times they might be films or performances. This exhibition features several new works that have never been shown before.

In Markus Schinwald’s installations, films, paintings, sculptures and interactive work, he explores humanity’s place in the world. His leitmotif is a special interest in the human body and his investigation of the way we are physically or mentally constrained by our cultural context, our habits, our emotions or the space around us. Schinwald is also particularly interested in the way people look at art and the way this experience differs from other forms of perception. What do we expect? What excites us? What are the differences between looking at static objects and looking at moving bodies or fish in an aquarium?

Link: Markus Schinwald at Museum Leuven

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