March 30th, 2015

Juliette Blightman at Eden Eden

Juliette Blightman at Isabella Bortolozzi

Artist: Juliette Blightman

Venue: Eden Eden, Berlin

Exhibition Title: Come inside, bitte

Date: February 14 – April 4, 2015

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Juliette Blightman at Isabella Bortolozzi

Juliette Blightman at Isabella Bortolozzi

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Juliette Blightman, excerpt from Time and Death (some say sex), 2015, single channel video with sound, 9.37 min.




Images courtesy of Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin. Photos by Nick Ash.

Press Release:

Miss Me Harder
by Tenzing Barshee, 2007

We stay arbitrary. We are causeless.
– Eve de Mauve

Anchorman gets on stage. And Informs the police about intruders in the designated area. He bows to the audience and exits the stage. Morena appears. Followed by a boy.


Marveled in May
Died some days ago
A bit caught in the act
By this and that
High-speed through the tunnel
Still clinically alive
As words stay around
Screens tuned on
Not vanished under
Sticking to the surface
Rolling over ground
Police doing disco
Under showers of stones
I’d dive my finger
Into liquid gold
Onto you
Over you
In the in between
Fly with decadence!
Swing your tentacles!
Go Club kids
With too many causes


Slugs smearing
Heavy, dreary
Weary, merry
Heavy, dreary
Weary, merry
Eerie sound
Leading all you lonely creeps
Miss me harder
Miss some other
Earth inhales us


Arriving at a point
Somewhere different
And we all look back
Make who we are
In times after winter snow
Yellow chime of forsythia
And blackthorn enter,
berries come along
Their skin glows darkly
Shading the ground
On top of things
Tarmac plows through
Dividing leftovers
Splitting gay green


My Queen, My Queen
It seems, it seems
We need, we need


The Sun pops up
Bangs on our heads
A bright, white, light
Stomps us down
My wooden core
Flowers in-hand
Mourners rise
With else in their hands
Clinging to dead cold bricks


Duchess of Now, of here this and that
Survive your tears
Bye, bye farewell


Who likes to know details?
Of the how and why you die?
I don’t You do You’re still young
I’m already gone
It’s not the beginning
It’s over
So impatient
Never wait in line
And now the first to go?


I find it hard to believe
Always did
Always thought
Always tried
Always lazy
There’s this abyss
A little blunder Misstep
Ensnarled in the fall
Downwards for a while
Before you understand the idea of landing


Droopy grey under the lid
Pupils made of drugs
The Patina of life
Outside is happy
Inside is luscious
Covering dust
A thin layer of time
Threatened by a single gasp
Spare sparkles swash over
Wrap up my thin hair
Cover my pale face
Fingers interlocked
Perhaps I wake up
Perhaps I resurrect
I know the spot
Somewhere in Europe
I could tuck in the sky

Boy is in awe. He applauds.

Miss Me Harder originally premiered illegally on the construction site of the Royal Danish Playhouse in May 2007.
Directed by Leander Gussmann. Actors: Stine Fischer Christensen, Cyron Bjørn Melville

Link: Juliette Blightman at Eden Eden

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