March 9th, 2015

Liz Craft at Jenny’s

LC 105

Artist: Liz Craft

Venue: Jenny’s, Los Angeles

Exhibition Title: The Secret Lives Of Spiders

Date: January 23 – March 7, 2015

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Install 4

LC 108 detail c

LC 103

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Images courtesy of Jenny’s, Los Angeles

Press Release:

Liz Craft’s first solo exhibition at Jenny’s combines new ceramic works, mixed media sculptures, and wall drawings.  Her life-size Spider Women a​re tethered to the gallery walls by webs and have eight eyes which cast questioning glances at each other, and at us. Tangled in conversation, their threads become an extension of thought. The galler space is charged with nervopus energy, chatter, brimming with polite talk and smiles, but beneath we can’t help but think…

The daily web can get tedious. “Whatcha been up to? Same old thing..” Craft’s table piece Office Talk features ceramic male genitals making chit chat. Both functional desk and sculpture, the piece is activated by the galerists who join in the exchange. Craft’s ceramic mouths and hand-drawn speech balloons suspend dialogue in mid-air, leaving words to inhabit the walls and seep into the surroundings. A stream of text bubbles and comments infiltrate our field of vision, interrupted by the snarl of yarn and by onlooking bodies and conversation.

Craft has created a complicated space, where objects rake the activity of the gallery and its inhabitants for gossip and maybe something serious. They want to talk.

Link: Liz Craft at Jenny’s

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