March 7th, 2015

Max Neuhaus at Alfonso Artiaco

Max Neuhaus at Alfonso Artiaco

Artist: Max Neuhaus

Venue: Alfonso Artiaco, Naples 

Date: January 16 – March 7, 2015

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Max Neuhaus at Alfonso Artiaco

Max Neuhaus at Alfonso Artiaco

Max Neuhaus at Alfonso Artiaco

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Images courtesy of Alfonso Artiaco, Naples 

Press Release:

Max Neuhaus can be considered as one of the innovators in the use of sounds as a plastic material creating sound works. The sound works (so he liked calling his works), comes from the interaction between an “emancipated” sound and space, and are usable as a personal acoustic experiences.

The work of Neuhaus develops between sound, sign, installation, drawing, exaltation of the plurality of senses, in reference to the Fluxus movement and all the put together the arts.

A key part of his work concerns the graphic representation of his sound works.

The Gallery Alfonso Artiaco shows a section of drawings by Max Neuhaus and the sound installation A Large Small Room (Cologne, 1989-92). A system that creates repetition of live sound of a large room in the smaller room adjacent. Through sound, no visual element, the perception of space is amplified.

To represent his works Neuhaus often uses diptychs. They consist of a picture and a text, both on transparent paper, that establish a dialectic game.

Drawings are made of lines, with primary colors and graphite. There is a correspondence between sounds and colors, while graphite traces the boundaries of the area where the installation is placed.

They are re-enactments, the possible transformations of space, they reveal the path of each work, tracing the architectural details.

The texts are a support to the drawings, and vice versa.

The drawings do not have a precise function compared with the sounds, are studies for a possible suggestion, discovery projects.

In the early drawings Neuhaus draws attention to the commemoration hearing, while the following ones he attempts to communicate a possible state of mind that the work might suggest.

“For me, the drawings are ways to express myself. Declarations, signs and traces of my sound works invisible. They circumscribe them, as the designs of the sculptors circumscribe their work visible. They speak different languages, beyond the means of sound, and can not be exchanges for reductions or imitations. Limited tot he medium that expresses them, do not reveal what actually happens when the sound engages the mind in a place. The journey through this experience can be made by each individual in the act of perceiving the work sound. These designs therefore are neither guides fo this experience not descriptions of it.

However, they are manifestations of ideas, catalysts that produce associations of thoughts, memories active, views and projections of what the though can become.” (Max Neuhaus)

Link: Max Neuhaus at Alfonso Artiaco

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