April 25th, 2015

Andy Coolquitt at Disjecta

Andy Coolquitt at Disjecta

Andy Coolquitt

Venue: Disjecta, Portland

Exhibition Title: showers/gutters/pipes/channels/drips/drifts/tubes/runnels/circles/spirals/boards/ponds/ hoses/tunnels/funnels/bubbles/buildings/bulbs/speakers/fountains/flowers/showers

Date: March 14 – April 26th, 2015

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Andy Coolquitt at Disjecta

Andy Coolquitt at Disjecta

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Andy Coolquitt, all the pipe sculptures on the internet, 2015. Video, color, 1.07 min


Video and images courtesy of the artist and Disjecta, Portland. Photos by Worksighted.

Press Release:

showers/gutters/pipes/channels/drips/drifts/tubes/runnels/circles/spirals/boards/ponds/ hoses/tunnels/funnels/bubbles/buildings/bulbs/speakers/fountains/flowers/showers is now on view at Disjecta through April 26th. The exhibition is an immersive environment born out of the artist’s one month residency in Portland. Arriving in the city during a very rainy stretch, Coolquitt immediately began filming overflowing gutters and pipes in the St. Johns neighborhood. These short videos quickly led to seeing “wetness” everywhere. The result at Disjecta is a thematic exhibition of scavenged materials relating to pipes, fountains, hoses and gutters. Visitors follow a prescribed path (wet wooden planks) through the gallery space, which has been consumed by a multitude of dripping objects, sounds of rushing water, imagery of pipe sculptures and broken gutters, and actual working fountains Coolquitt fashioned from found materials.  Safety mannequins stand guard, reminding the viewer that the exhibition is hazardous. While embracing a more theatrical method of presentation, Coolquitt’s oeuvre is apparent throughout the gallery—collections of pipe elbows, safety sticks, and upside down sinks dot the exhibition, continuing the artist’s intentions of developing new relationships among objects he finds and manipulates.    

Link: Andy Coolquitt at Disjecta

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