May 29th, 2015

“BL(UH)B(E)L” at Chimera-Project

"BL(UH)B(E)L" at Chimera-Project

Artist: Lucie Fontaine

Contributors: Adamkó Dávid, Borsos Lőrinc, Bradák Soma, Brücke Zwei (Fischer Judit, Zalavári András, Felsmann István), Brückner János, Chimera-Project, Dr. Beke László, Erőss Nikolett, Fillér Máté, Gadó Flóra, Gróf Ferenc, Paul Horn, Insecurity State (The Corporation + Technologie und das Unheimliche), Istvánkó Bea, Juhász Anna, Komoróczky Tamás, Kopeczky Róna, Kútvölgyi-Szabó Áron, Lázár Eszter, Magyar Fanni, Margl Ferenc, Nagy Edina, Nemes Csaba, Őze Eszter, Szuharevszki Mihály, Rózsás Nolasco Lívia, Pacsika Rudolf, Perczel Júlia, Perneczky Géza, Somogyi Hajnalka, Sugár János, Székely Katalin, Szoboszlai János, Sztepanovic Tijana, Szalai Bori, Translocal Institute

Venue: Chimera-Project, Budapest

Exhibition Title: BL(UH)B(E)L

Date: May 15 – June 5, 2015

Note: The audio component of the show can be found here.

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"BL(UH)B(E)L" at Chimera-Project

"BL(UH)B(E)L" at Chimera-Project

"BL(UH)B(E)L" at Chimera-Project

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Press Release:

Chimera-Project is pleased to announce its program for the OFF Biennale Budapest. The project, entitled “BL(UH)B(E)L,” is a sound installation conceived by Lucie Fontaine and her employees.

Following her desire to employ multiple languages (art making, exhibition making, editing, writing) simultaneously, this time Lucie Fontaine involves the other participants of the Budapest OFF Biennale. Whether artists, gallery owners or curators, each participant in “BL(UH)B(E)L” will provide an audio track featuring a statement that is read out loud by them or by a person they chose to be ‘their voice’. Lucie Fontaine subsequently uses these tracks to create an immaterial environment within the space of Chimera-Project that is indistinct and thus creating a cacophonic environment – a new Babel. For Lucie Fontaine, this aural environment reflects and represents an art community brimming with theories, ideas and plans – yet the emptiness of the gallery walls provide a silent and sharp commentary on this very scene.

The reasons behind Chimera-Project’s desire to invite Lucie Fontaine are many. Firstly in the frames of the OFF Biennale, Chimera-Project wanted to put its own scene under the spotlight and rediscover its own resources. Secondly Chimera-Project saw Lucie Fontaine’s work and her multiple role as artist, curator, editor, writer, and collector as a great chance to use her point of view in order to reflect on the scene in Budapest. Furthermore showing her kaleidoscopic praxis and understanding of working through several agents – her “employees” – provides a provoking and yet successful strategy, reinventing, multiplying, and extending her artistic resources.

Link: “BL(UH)B(E)L” at Chimera-Project

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