May 4th, 2015

Dorothy Iannone at Air de Paris

Luminous 2012 acrylic on wood 190 x 150 cm © All rights reserved  courtesy Air de Paris, Paris.

Artist: Dorothy Iannone

Venue: Air de Paris

Exhibition Title: Welcome To Our Show

Date: March 28 – May 14, 2015

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Dorothy Iannone at Air de Paris

First Thought Best Thought 1968 Felt pen on polaroid 8,5 x 10,8 cm © photo Hans-Georg Gaul courtesy Air de Paris, Paris.

Delectable 1962 framed collage, handmade Japanese paper and gold leaf on paper 47,7 x 39,2 cm © photo Hans-Georg Gaul courtesy Air de Paris, Paris.

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Images courtesy of Air de Paris. Photos by Marc Domage.

Press Release:

Air de Paris and Dorothy Iannone are pleased to invite you to the artist’s second solo exhibition at Air de Paris, with works spanning the period 1961–2015: paintings, drawings, films, objects and books, all with a markedly narrative and overtly autobiographical visual feel.

An exhilarating ode to an unbridled sexuality and the celebration of ecstatic coupling and unconditional love, the Iannone oeuvre has frequently faced censorship problems, in particular in the case of the exhibition Friends, organized by Harald Szeemann at the Bern Kunsthalle in 1969. Iannone later recreated the event in full in her bookwork The Story of Bern.

Welcome To Our Show is an opportunity to engage with the irresistible generosity of a singular artist deeply attached to Eros as a philosophical concept. Asked once how she would like to go down in history, Iannone replied, “As a lover . . . and to myself, I thought, ‘A successful lover’. Later I realized that such qualifications are (I hope) irrelevant. My life is and has been defining the kind of lover I am. Perhaps I do not yet know the word to describe it; nonetheless, I am there, like you, vibrating in our home of presently estimated billions of galaxies, and my attempt, like some of yours, to find the center of myself and to regain the garden of joy, is the only lover’s attribute through which I can, if not with certainty, then at least with yearning, define myself”.

Link: Dorothy Iannone at Air de Paris

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