May 14th, 2015

Venice: Ettore Spalletti at Fondazione Cini


Artist: Ettore Spalletti

Venue: Fondazione Cini, Venice

Date: April 25 – August 23, 2015

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Photos by Contemporary Art Daily

Press Release:

Ettore Spalletti (b.1940, Cappelle sul Tavo) has carefully chosen the works for the exhibition with the Palazzo Cini in mind. Far from the seductive celebrity at times feted on contemporary artists, he has worked by exploring the venue, getting the feel of it, observing the variations in light and studying the space.

The recently renovated rooms on the second floor of the palace will host an exhibition that conveys a deep relationship with a space that was once domestic, and remains so in the artist’s mind. At the same time the masterpieces of historic art exhibited on the piano nobile of the Gallery will be an important presence for him as the narrative of life in the palace.

Link: Venice: Ettore Spalletti at Fondazione Cini

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