June 19th, 2015

Stephen G. Rhodes at Misako & Rosen

Stephen G. Rhodes at Misako & Rosen

Artist: Stephen G. Rhodes

Venue: Misako & Rosen, Tokyo

Exhibition Title: The Twelf Hobby: Lober xxbbyj, Religious Freedom Sex Magick

Date: May 31 – June 21, 2015

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Stephen G. Rhodes at Misako & Rosen

Stephen G. Rhodes at Misako & Rosen

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Stephen G. Rhodes, Installation documentation of The Twelf Hobby: Lober xxbbyj, Religious Freedom Sex Magick, 2015. Courtesy the artist.


Images and video courtesy of the artist and Misako & Rosen, Tokyo

Press Release:

Commandments, extended by amendments, then exemptions, now excessive hobbies, are now carbon commandments.. are really now conspiracies of Freedom.

All forms vibrate from the stolen blanket of Eros.

The oceanic oppression of the creative supply chain everywhere extends its material command reproducing its useless image, (consumed) sovereignty

All reproduction shall be impotent, an endless discharge from an unnatural incubus.

The expenditure of craft,  The carbon footprint of sex, fertilizes the backwards  agriculture of freedom.

Creative Frenzy

Divested of Shape, read all prices Backwards. Is the Commandment a Rectum?

The infidelity of Products, the promiscuity of Craft.

Aleister Crowley designs a Black Magick branch.

Hobby, the idle trade, the promiscuous labor.

Lobby,  the space of inference where what is proposed is the very fantasy you allegedly condemn.

Where the Eleventh Hobby invoked the deadly sins of Pride and Lust, the Twelf welcomed Envy and Greed.

If the 11th was about Weird Exemption, then the 12th was about Weird Freedom.

“Having freed sex, the Devil shall transform everything into Lust, and there will no longer be an opening for atemporality.  This opening is provided by inhibition.  There is nothing left except time.  It is the Devil’s definitive victory.  And this victory was reached thanks to Freedom.  Freedom within the phenomenal world is absolute slavery…  An earthy paradise is Hell.  The church describes the same situation with different words.  Freedom resides in the “peccare posse” (possibility of Sin).  In the paradise  of free love the potentiality to sin through lust would be completely realized.” – Vilhelm Flusser

Envy and Greed Triangles.

The Left wants the rights of the right.  The right forces the left to think of the perverted aberrations they say they are not.  A third party exploits the voids left in the shifts of the power struggle for alleged freedom. Occult moonlighting is the formula.

All is threaded by the misguided persistence of commodities from Hobby Lobby. The trappings of our dwelling rights.

Marriage as accumulation.  Accumulation leads to the right of expenditure and the sovereignty of the divorce.  Accessing the right to Marriage so as to arrive at the right to Divorce accumulation.

Mom and Dad I’m sorry, the Devil made me do it.  Overcome with Creative Frenzy,  think of it as an exemption of the very practice of my foolish Craft.

Unnatural fauna sacrifice, ecological decay, extinction… Repudiation of contraception sublimated with creative frenzy doll making sacrifice.  Voluntary Human Extinction.    The Bondage of Freedom.  The oedipal litigation of influence.

Thus when intermixing pornographic collage with Hobby Lobby merchandise, another form of porn,  is it really possible to approach a libidinal transgression or is the effort incarcerated in material consumption. Is it ever possible  to overcome the material tyranny of creative Merchandise, Creative Frenzy? The tyranny of anticipated creative inspiration.  Are babies pre knowledge. Are babies pre predisposed.  Is freedom possible in Creative Frenzy?  Where do we come from?

Pan’s Muzak.  Pandora’s Muzak.

The right to Divorce the wholesale litigation of love.  The burden of Freedom.

Link: Stephen G. Rhodes at Misako & Rosen

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