July 1st, 2015

“The Longest Bridge” at Off Vendome

Foreground: Kaspar Müller  Background (left to right): William Gedney, Silke Otto-Knapp

Artists: William Gedney, Kayla Guthrie, Dustin Hodges, Kaspar Müller, Silke Otto-Knapp

Venue: Off Vendome, New York

Exhibition Title: The Longest Bridge

Date: July 7 – July 18, 2015

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left to right: Silke Otto-Knapp, Dustin Hodges, William Gedney, Dustin Hodges

William Gedney

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An excerpt of documentation from a performance by Kayla Guthrie



Images and video courtesy of Off Vendome, New York/Dusseldorf

Press Release:

A few years ago I was driving across a bridge to a city I had never visited. The bridge is flat and at the time seemed very low to the water. I drove on to the bridge shortly after midnight. It was dark, one of the darkest nights I thought I could remember, and unbearably silent. I had been driving for so long I no longer heard the humming of the tires. Everything outside the frame of the car windows fell off to nothingness. I could only see what passed through the glow of the headlights in front of the truck I had borrowed from my parents. The bridge seemed to go on forever. I later found out that it’s the longest continuous bridge over water in the world – nearly 24 miles long. The further I travelled along the bridge the stronger the taste of salt became in the slight breeze. It was the middle of the summer – the air was so dense you could feel it weighing down on you. Even in the truck I could feel it across my arms as I held the steering wheel. I started to feel a bit anxious, then completely anxious. The southbound and northbound traffic are divided into separate parallel causeways – impossible to turn around until reaching the other end. I don’t have claustrophobic anxieties but a sense of endlessness makes me uncomfortable. I had ideas of what was around me outside the truck but I wasn’t positive. I just kept waiting for the lights of the city to appear on the horizon to be sure the bridge lead to somewhere.

– Kyle Thurman, 2015

Link: “The Longest Bridge” at Off Vendome

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