August 18th, 2015

Albert Mertz at Freddy

Albert Mertz at Freddy

Artist: Albert Mertz

Venue: Freddy, Baltimore

Exhibition Title: Meet Albert Mertz

Date: July 18 – August 22, 2015

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Albert Mertz at Freddy

Albert Mertz at Freddy

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Albert Mertz, A, circa 1970s, Audio recording, 2 min 51 sec.



Images and video courtesy of Freddy, Baltimore

Press Release:

Freddy is honored to present Meet Albert Mertz. Albert Mertz (1920-1990) was a Danish artist who spent the last twenty-two years of his life working with what he called “The Red-Blue Proposition.” Every day he painted things red and blue. Paper, cardboard, canvases, the chair he sat on, the wrapping of cigarette packages he smoked, and the envelopes of letters he received. Half red. Half blue.

The name Albert Mertz stands on the horizon of the European post-war avant- garde for an anarchistic and lustfully destructive opus, whose underlying conceptual and constructive strictness nevertheless always reveals the emphatic questioning of the social and communicative roles of art.

You might ask yourself, why red, why blue? To this we say, why not? Contrary to much speculation (and affirmed through insider sources) we’ve discovered that the red had nothing to do with the Danish flag and the blue bore no relationship to water, sky, man, or woman. It certainly wasn’t a question of beauty. Albert, in fact, once claimed that the combination excelled because of its obvious ugliness.

“The artist does not work for eternity (which the atomic bomb has put an end to) but for the here and now, for this day, today.” – Albert Mertz

Freddy would like to thank Tif Sigfrids and Lone Mertz for making this exhibition possible.

Link: Albert Mertz at Freddy

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