August 17th, 2015

The Ninth Season of The Artist’s Institute with Carolee Schneemann

Carolee Schneemann

Artists: Carolee Schneemann with Mounira Al Sohl, Malin Arnell, Fia Backström, A. K. Burns, Shelley Burgon, Richard Carrick, Jo Firestone, Miguel Frasconi, Barbara Hammer, Van Hanos, Conrad Harris, Maeve Higgins, Katie Hubbard, Miles Huston, Branden Joseph, Miriam Katz, Lynne Koplitz, Zoe Leonard, Chris McIntyre,  Eileen Myles, Mai-Thu Perret, Sondra Perry, Reuben Radding, Melissa Ragona, Maura Reilly, David Shively, Eric Smigel, Lanka Tattersall, Michael Taussig, James Tenney, Alex Waterman, Kenneth White, Michelle Wolf, Steve Wise, Soyoung Yoon

Venue: The Artist’s Institute, New York

Curated by: Jenny Jaskey and A.E. Benenson

Date: February 13, 2015 – August, 2 2015

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Carolee Schneemann and Miles Huston

Carolee Schneemann

Carolee Schneemann

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Images courtesy of The Artist’s Institute, New York 

Press Release:

When Carolee Schneemann entered the neo-avant-garde of the 1960s, the materials available to artists had expanded up to an ironic limit: it seemed that a body could use everything but itself. In turning to the body as a material, Schneemann broke this basic conservatism and the taboo of erotic introspection that it had tacitly barred from art’s ongoing project of reflexivity. For Schneemann, the body’s intuitions, secret knowledges, and desires were materials to be experimentally mixed—literally and metaphorically—with every other medium: paint, film, printed matter, and the history of representation itself.

From February 13th to August 2nd, the Artist’s Institute will dedicate its program to Carolee Schneemann’s expanded conception of the body as a material, exploring its extensions and versatility. The six-month season will be divided into four parts, each following a single through-line in Schneemann’s ideas and process, including her use of dreams, intimate relationships, and inter-species communication.

Part One: February 13—March 29, 2015 

Part Two: April 3—May 10, 2015

Part Three: May 13—June 21, 2015

Part Four: June 26—August 2, 2015

Link: The Ninth Season of The Artist’s Institute with Carolee Schneemann

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