September 8th, 2015

Anna-Sophie Berger, Lucia Elena Prusa at Galerie Kunstbuero

Anna-Sophie Berger & Lucia Elena Prusa at Galerie Kunstbuero

Artists: Anna-Sophie Berger, Lucia Elena Prusa

Venue: Galerie Kunstbuero, Vienna

Exhibition Title: FANTODS

Date: July 27 – August 10, 2015

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Anna-Sophie Berger & Lucia Elena Prusa at Galerie Kunstbuero

Anna-Sophie Berger

Anna-Sophie Berger

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Images courtesy of the artists

Press Release:

An irritated state. She talks faster and moves her hands around more often than normal.
Crash! Anna heard the din from across the hall. She closed her eyes and concentrated on her breathing.

…fantastical being of a menacing nature, more akin to say, a fantom.
Your skin is so tight you can’t shut your eyes without opening your mouth.

2 parts sunflower petals
3 parts gum Arabic
3 parts gum acacia
10 ml jasmine oil per 8 oz. dry herbs 10 ml bergamot oil per 8 oz. dry herb


Two styles in which silence is advocated: loud and soft. Another term for it could be ‘silent knowledge’.

Bathing, showering Toileting and toilet hygiene Dressing
Functional mobility/transfers Personal device care
Personal hygiene and grooming Sexual activity

I fantasize about having scarlet fever, because a diagnose always soothes me. I wonder if I am keeping the virus because it attaches me to home?

To refresh an aching head:
Flour, 1; incense, 1; wood of wa, 1; waneb plant, 1; mint, 1; horn of a stag, 1; sycamore seeds, 1; mason‘s plaster, 1; seeds of zart, 1; water, 1; mash, apply to the head.
Freshly produced ambergris has a marine, faecal odour. However, as it ages, it acquires a sweet, earthy scent.

Then Lucia is drifting away from knowledge.

It is characteristic of all kinds of handicraft that we learn to master them through someone showing us what to do and then imitating them. This applies to all skills that are not mediated through language,
from riding a bicycle to cooking. Then, as we gradually gain in skill, we learn a set of rules that is applicable to that specific handicraft. This set of rules is a concentrate of experiences accumulated over a

long period of time. Once it has been mastered, the individual is able to gain the freedom to deviate from it in a particular direction.
(Gertrud Sandqvist, On Intuition)

Common Juniper tree (Juniperis phonecia; Juniperus drupacea)

digestive, soothes chest pains, soothes stomach cramps.

Cubeb pepper (Piper cubeba; Piperaceae)

urinary tract infections, larynx and throat infections, gum ulcers and infections, soothes headaches.
Poppy (papaver somniferum)
relieves insomnia, relieves headaches, anaesthetic, soothes respiratory problems, deadens pain.

“I put my fist through the wall for no good reason, gotta be the fantods.”

Link: Anna-Sophie Berger, Lucia Elena Prusa at Galerie Kunstbuero

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