September 8th, 2015

Anna Uddenberg and Nicolas Ceccaldi at MEGA Foundation

Anna Uddenberg

Artists: Anna Uddenberg and Nicolas Ceccaldi

Venue: MEGA Foundation, Stockholm

Date: August 21 – September 6, 2015

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Anna Uddenberg & Nicolas Ceccaldi at MEGA Foundation

Nicolas Ceccaldi

Anna Uddenberg

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Images courtesy of MEGA Foundation, Stockholm

Press Release:

MEGA Foundation is pleased to present new works by Anna Uddenberg and Nicolas Ceccaldi for its inaugural exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden.

Anna Uddenberg’s (b.1982, Stockholm, Sweden) artwork approaches social structures within consumerist culture as they relate to the performative values of gender, class and sexuality. Beyond fetishizing goods and information, her sculpture and installations embody the overlapping, reinforcing narratives of social media, online gaming/dating and reality television.

Recent exhibitions include: ‘Please Respond’ (2015), M/L Artspace, Venice, ‘The Cipher and the Frame’ (2015), Cubitt, London, ‘Booty Dummy Demo’ (2013), doldprojects, Sankt Georgen.

Upcoming: ‘The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing-World’ (October 2015), Mitchell Algus Gallery, New York.

The art of Nicolas Ceccaldi (b. 1983, Montreal, Canada) is often allegorical and symbolic in nature, and treats subjective problems to be assumed collectively through the re-appropriation of different tools of production ranging from painting to sculpture.

Recent exhibitions include ‘Permanently Tiedup Version of You’ (2015), ‘Project Native Informant’, London, Red Wine (2014), Kunstverein Muenchen, ‘Wearables’ (2013), Real Fine Arts, New York.

Upcoming: Solo exhibition, Real Fine Arts, New York (October 2015)

Link: Anna Uddenberg & Nicolas Ceccaldi at MEGA Foundation

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