September 12th, 2015

Rachel Reupke at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

Rachel Reupke at Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart

Artist: Rachel Reupke

Venue: Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

Exhibition Title: Lean In

Curated By: Fatima Hellberg

Date: June 26 – September 13, 2015

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Rachel Reupke at Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart

Rachel Reupke at Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart

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Rachel Reupke, excerpt from Ten Seconds or Greater, 2009. Video, 15 minutes.


Rachel Reupke, excerpt from Wine & Spirits, 2013. Video, 20 minutes. 

Rachel Reupke, excerpt from Letter of Complaint, 2015. Video, 10 minutes.

Rachel Reupke, Deportment, 2011. Video, 3 minutes 22 seconds.

Rachel Reupke, excerpt from Containing Matters of no very peacable Colour, 2009. Video, 5 minutes 11 seconds.


Images and videos courtesy of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

Press Release:

Tension is a central currency in the work of Rachel Reupke. There is a long-running fascination, morbid at times, with the aesthetic and political stakes of minor affects – with frustration, annoyance and paralysis. Lean in is the first retrospective of Reupke’s work, spanning a period between 2006 until the present. Formulated in two parts, the exhibition focuses on Reupke’s practice in the form of a survey of key works, alongside a temporary cinema. The latter with a curated programme featuring Loretta Fahrenholz, Peter Roehr and Owen Land, speaking of the work and its methods through the medium of film itself.

This guide contains an overview of the included works and a conversation with the artist, focusing in on Reupke’s ongoing interest in the expressive properties of stock images and the ways in which they respond and transform, when coupled with stillness and awkwardness. it is a process of introducing a level of fragility and ambivalence into images that have been emptied of these properties.

Link: Rachel Reupke at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

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