October 22nd, 2015

Daiga Grantina at Mathew

Daiga Grantina at Mathew

Artist: Daiga Grantina

Venue: Mathew, Berlin

Exhibition Title: The Mountain Guide

Date: September 11 – October 31, 2015

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Daiga Grantina at Mathew

Daiga Grantina at Mathew

Daiga Grantina at Mathew

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Images courtesy of Mathew, Berlin

Press Release:

Entering a painting through a POSE:
a man resting on one knee smokes a pipe (he has been identified as the guide).

This anxiety prone city slicker cannot help but bring his own unsettled libido to the mountains where he had sought some peace. His vulnerability was de-coded and reconfigured to promote an eruption.

Slowly, the mountainscape narrows and collapses upon him. This process already has begun and opens a subduction zone in which PF rotates independently, with no option but to bite its own tail. Assuming an urge to follow its path, we need to reeducate our eyeballs as to leave GRID behind. But even practiced and positioned by many attempts, no angle allows us to predict Path-Finder’s movements; our gaze circling in search of an opening and coiling around its orbits.


Regarded apart from its reflection, a mirror presents a continuous, flat, colorless, unrelieved surface, — a thing always and obviously unpleasant. Considered as a reflector of The Mountain Guide and its opponent, it is potent in producing a monstrous and odious uniformity: the evil is here aggravated, not in merely direct proportion with the augmentation of IsourceD, but in a ratio constantly increasing.

Dazzled in cold glimmer, space dilations bubble and pop, leaving target coordinates behind.

In our subduction zone (discovered as Gefilde der Lust), the erotic is a dialect, often exclusively parochial. It is as indigenous as the sense of humor and the cooking. Through the rising mountainscape, a freshly elevated CONTOUR delves deeper into our landscape. Transplanted in it, the guide is no longer a bonafide celebrity, and the pressure, the heat, is ON.


Daiga Grantina (b. 1985, Latvia) studied at Hamburg’s Hochschule für Bildende Künste and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Grantina was part of an international team of artists participating in the research residency Le Pavillon at Palais de Tokyo Paris.

In 2013, she presented her solo exhibition “Legal Beast Language” at Joseph Tang Gallery (Paris).

Recent group exhibitions include Palais de Tokyo (Paris), ba&d (Düsseldorf), Hester Gallery (NYC), Mathew NYC and Campoli Presti (London). Upcoming projects will be on view at Stefan Lundgren Gallery (Mallorca), Joseph Tang Gallery (Paris) and kim? Contemporary Art Centre (Riga).

Link: Daiga Grantina at Mathew

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