October 27th, 2015

Ingrid Luche at Air de Paris

Ingrid Luche at Air de Paris

Artist: Ingrid Luche

Venue: Air de Paris, Paris

Date: September 11 – October 24, 2015

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Ingrid Luche at Air de Paris

Ingrid Luche at Air de Paris

Ingrid Luche at Air de Paris

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Images courtesy of Air de Paris, Paris. Photos by Marc Domage. 

Press Release:

In some cases Ingrid Luche’s works take their inspiration directly from the exhibition context. Sometimes making play with persistence of vision relating to places she has known or simply fantasised, her intriguing pieces endlessly challenge our spatial perceptions, notably by generating a kind of intermediate time frame: a no longer extant present, a déjà vu future.

As with her fourth solo exhibition, which took as its pretext a venue where she had already shown, it was after taking photographs of the space she would later use that the artist realised that the vibrations of the fluorescent lighting at Air de Paris set the gallery undulating. She then decided to alter the frame of reference by using another artist’s ex- hibition views as part of her project. The works on show here are the outcome of this use of curved space, creating a new vision by, among other things, bringing points in space closer than they were before – something already theoretically feasible in the field of cosmology. Among the works specially created for the exhibition is a new, cosmic kind: «Maquette pour une robe à partir de l’œuvre Sternenhimmeltuch (1968) de Sigmar Polke, paraphée I. Luche» not only involves borrowing and reusing an enigmatic title, it is also a reproduction of a constellation in which Sigmar Polke wrote his name in 1968. Here Luche overlays her own name and transforms this space cloth into the latest-born of her Ghost Dresses series. After all, why not use one’s stars as adornment? Also to be found in this exhibition is a blow-up of a book inscribed with a drawing of Achilles. The common factor is doubtless right here, in the world: the base he deliberately left so as to see himself plunge into the river… It is sometimes hard to tell if the cosmos conjured up by Ingrid Luche actually exists, or if we have dreamed it together. In the end, though, this disconnection is of little importance; what counts is the pleasure of discovery, of this new journey into space.

Ingrid Luche (b. 1971, lives and works in Paris) will be joining Air de Paris in the Present Future section of Artissima, in Turin in November 2015. Her permanent installation «The Gold, the Night & the Noon» can be seen at the Von-der-Heydt-Museum in Wuppertal, together with her «Morceau de Lune», specially created for «Beyond Borders», the fifth Beaufort Triennial in Ostend. She also participates to «Et nous voici plus bas et plus haut que jamais», a group show curated by Vincent Romagny at Chiso Gallery, Kyoto.

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