November 26th, 2015

Katinka Bock at CNEAI

Katinka Bock at CNEAI

Artist: Katinka Bock

Venue: CNEAI, Chatou

Exhibition Title: Links Mitte Rechts

Date: October 17 – December 5, 2015

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Katinka Bock at CNEAI

Katinka Bock at CNEAI

Katinka Bock at CNEAI

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Images courtesy of the Artist; CNEAI, Chatou; Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris; Meyer Riegger, Berlin

Press Release: 

The Island Ile des Impressionistes is situated in the Seine river in the outskirt of Paris. One of the main elements of Katinka Bock’s new site specific installation Links Mitte Rechts (Left Middle Right) at CNEAI is: Water. Bock creates a deviation of water from the left side of the river – through the island and institution CNEAI – and into the right side of the Seine river.

A pump is constantly pumping water from the left side, making it flow to the other side of the river. Bock makes the new water way visible by using a approximately 220 meters transparent tube. The circular movement of water is only obstructed by a small leak inside the institution. From a small hole in the tube water drips into/onto the sculpture Nasoni creating a small puddle of water within the institution. The water and the fact that the windows are open – to allow the tube to pass through the institution – make the environment of exhibition space damp and moist.

The water Bock sees as an alternative media of communication between landparts, and she makes the audience become aware of the network of water and the institutions unique surroundings.

Link: Katinka Bock at CNEAI

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