November 21st, 2015

Stefanos Mandrake at LIFE SPORT

Stefanos Mandrake at LIFE SPORT

Artist: Stefanos Mandrake

Venue: LIFE SPORT, Athens

Exhibition Title: Black on black

Date: October 29 – November 22, 2015

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Stefanos Mandrake at LIFE SPORT

Stefanos Mandrake at LIFE SPORT

Stefanos Mandrake at LIFE SPORT

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Excerpt of performance by Bill Lee, October 29, 2015



Images courtesy of LIFE SPORT, Athens

Press Release:

Dear Stefanos,

I write to you from the depths of incarceration, Emoticonia South. This might not all make sense and I must hurry before it happens again.
I don’t know what is real anymore, what’s inside my body and what’s out there. It is happening so fast, transformation massif!

Confusion is obligatory and opening my mouth has become painful .. minimal retreat. Oh, it is helping me so, just to say these words to you, I am feeling a warmth return, despite the harsh cold of South.
The truth is that we are all equally lost in black stuff. I still can’t believe nature is mean. I think we all need to try harder. I have so much more I want to say but im slowl y l o os ing my ab il ity t t to sp sp sp pea k, St e fan ..

h e l p

B o r i s

Stefanos Mandrake is a bar, a root, a collective, a portrait, a thief and a reminder that we are joined in the perpetual transformation of everything. Shapeshifting notions of crisis, alcoholism and antagonism into therapeutic collaboration, Stefanos Mandrake’s first solo exhibition is based on a preceding cartoon series published on facebook and results in the production of image, sculpture, sound and a wearable presented by LIFE SPORT. Based on the precarious dynamic of friends, rooted in pressure and e-motion, Stefanos Mandrake is not real but for real.

See the preceding cartoon series here.

An improvised live performance by Bill Lee will accompany the opening of the exhibition.

Link: Stefanos Mandrake at LIFE SPORT

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