November 10th, 2015

Than Hussein Clark at Futura

Than Hussein Clark at FUTURA

Artist: Than Hussein Clark

Venue: Futura, Prague

Exhibition Title: DEBTS (Erotic Review Sinai)

Date: October 14 – January 3, 2015

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Than Hussein Clark at FUTURA

Than Hussein Clark at FUTURA

Than Hussein Clark at FUTURA

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Images courtesy of Futura, Prague

Press Release:

Centre of Contemporary Art Futura is pleased to announce Debts (Erotic Review Sinai), a presentation of new works by London and Hamburg based artist Than Hussein Clark, that have been produced over the last two months during the artists production residency in the frame of A.I.R. FUTURA.

Clark transforms the galleries basement suite of rooms into an archaeological site in which the artefacts of a rarefied queer bourgeoisie are on display. Drawing on display techniques drawn from the decorative arts and crime scenes, the artist’s new sculptural works, via a series of misappropriations of bankrupted central european craft histories and aesthetic strategies of the historical avant garde – lace, puppets, photograms, bent wood furniture, ceramics, and book design – decorate a series of rooms in which the inhabitant has had to flee, leaving his treasures, and his bibelots, behind.

Link: Than Hussein Clark at Futura

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