December 21st, 2015

Karl Holmqvist, Klara Liden at House of Gaga

Klara Liden

Artists: Karl Holmqvist, Klara Liden

Venue: House of Gaga, Mexico City


Date: November 14, 2015 – January 16, 2016

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Karl Holmqvist, Klara Liden at House of Gaga

Klara Liden

Karl Holmqvist

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Images courtesy of House of Gaga, Mexico City

Press Release:

Gaga is pleased to announce ICHBRAUCHEMASSPACE, Karl Holmqvist’s third show at the gallery (Entrevista con el vampiro 2009 y The hours of this watch is numbered 2012) this time together with Klara Lidén in a two person exhibition.

Both artists share a long and close friendship and have collaborated several times. For ICHBRAUCHEMASSPACE Lidén created a series of benches with new and recycled material as well as a motorized mobile using cardboard boxes with the words ON and/or NO graffitied in pink, produced for the first time for NEW THEATER in Berlin and used as part of the stage design for Holmqvist’s play The Rant. Karl is presenting a set of twelve new paintings using texts from diverse references, word and visual plays, and two Lettriste sculptures made in stainless steel and fluorescent lights that read TUFF and SHIT. As well for this show both artists collaborated in a new dance video titled Nhite Woise.

Again we can observe throughout the show the elements usually portrayed by the artists such as their interest for language, architecture, the utilitarian, the decorative, the public and the private, and the in and out references of each of them.

The pieces in the show reveal an intimate relation between each other, one says YES, the other one NO, one piece is on the floor the other on the wall, and all around we can read in repeated occasions how one is no one and how we need each other mutually, always, although it often seems impossible…

Link: Karl Holmqvist, Klara Liden at House of Gaga

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