December 18th, 2015

Lucy Dodd at David Lewis

Lucy Dodd at David Lewis

Artist: Lucy Dodd

Venue: David Lewis, New York

Exhibition Title: Wuv Shop

Date: October 27 – December 20, 2015

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Lucy Dodd at David Lewis

Lucy Dodd at David Lewis

Lucy Dodd at David Lewis

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Images courtesy of David Lewis, New York

Press Release:

David Lewis is pleased to present Wuv Shop, Lucy Dodd’s second solo exhibition with the gallery.

Wuv Shop continues the artist’s exploration of the exhibition as a ritualized space, in which paintings, conceived as characters, mythical and poetic fragments, or totems, are activated and transformed over a period of time.

The core of Wuv Shop is an elemental structure, a primitive dwelling, built of four large paintings in the center of the gallery. This is called the “Wuv Shack.” It marks the exhibition as a search for the development of sacred space.

The Wuv Shack is present in order to give shelter to the artist as, over the course of exhibition, she creates the Wuv Monster. The Wuv Monster cannot yet be described except in reference to the creature delineated by the artist in the exhibition poster.

If the Wuv Shack speaks to the exhibition as a model of sacred space, the continual development of the installation by the artist over the two month installation, speaks, analogously, to her use of exhibition format as an assertion of non-linear, or sacred, time. In this spirit, she invites anyone who currently owns her work to return it to her during the exhibition for updating and modi cation—that is, for additional Wuv.

Finally, it should be noted that Dodd continues to pay detailed attention to the poetic power of word as shape and sound (and number), as indicated most obviously by the exhibition title, with its three similarly-shaped letters, each of which is formed by the repetition or articulation of hard or rounded chalice-forms.

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