February 17th, 2016

Keren Cytter at Mathew

Keren Cytter at Mathew

Artist: Keren Cytter

Venue: Mathew, New York

Exhibition Title: Panoramas

Date: January 15 – February 21, 2016

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Keren Cytter at Mathew

Keren Cytter at Mathew

Keren Cytter at Mathew

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Images courtesy of Mathew, New York

Press Release:

Mathew NYC is pleased to invite you to Panoramas, a solo exhibition by Keren Cytter.

a. Time inside can flatten: one becomes a subject in a light-test.

q/I.1 The rich and psychically imploding narrator of Clarice Lispector’s The Passion According to G.H. says, “I need courage to venture making something concrete out of my feeling. It’s like having a cold and not knowing in which country it is legal tender.”

q.2. The intensity of an experience counters the staleness of the interiors. A paper scrap on the desk reads: “Are you OK with containing so much paradox?”

a.2 Posidonius thought that the present comprises both past and future, like a borderlands janiceps – both limit and expanse.

I.2 The sexiest picture of Frank Sinatra was taken on the 27th of November 1938 by the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office. He was charged with seduction and, later, with adultery. Both charges pertained to the same woman: the first, when the cops thought she was single; the second, when they realized she was married.

q.3 “Light,” wrote Sextus Empiricus, “seems to reveal not just other things but also itself.” q.4/L Life in a sandwich – “The only legitimate discourse is loss.”

q.5 H.P. Lovecraft, describing his method of writing fiction, said, “Conflict with time seems to me the most potent and fruitful theme in all human expression.”

c.1 For a time, one might believe that loneliness is a politics.

q.6 “But I’m happy,” says sick Elizabeth in Dodie Bellamy’s When The Sick Rule the World, “living inside my little por- celain house … I’m happy as a pinafored mouse living in a teacup.”

p.1 On the couch for so long, one learns to get drunk off the light.

– Jack Gross

Link: Keren Cytter at Mathew

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