March 28th, 2016

Les Levine at Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery

Les Levine at Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery

Artist: Les Levine

Venue: Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery, New York

Exhibition Title:  Bio-Tech Rehearsals 1965-1975

Date: February 4—March 12, 2016

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Les Levine at Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery

Les Levine at Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery

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Les Levine, Excerpt of Spacewalk


Les Levine, Excerpt of Slipcover, 1967



Images and videos courtesy of the artist and Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery, New York.  Photos by James Ewing, courtesy Columbia GSAPP, New York.

Press Release:

LES LEVINE BIO-TECH REHEARSALS 1965-1975 is a new form of retrospective in documentary form. The exhibition has been specifically designed by Adam Bandler and Mark Wasiuta. The installation is a model of how this kind of archival documentation can be easily accessed by the audience.

While Levine’s work in media is generally known throughout the world, this particular aspect of his early work has been unseen for almost 50 years. Les Levine was amongst the first artists in the world to use video in the early ‘60s, and 16 of his earliest videos are included here. Amongst them are BUM (1965), I AM AN ARTIST (1975), COLUMBIA (1969), THE TROUBLES: AN ARTIST’S DOCUMENT OF ULSTER (1972) and OUTSIDE THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION (1972).

I AM AN ARTIST (1975), 60 mins.
The artist walks along the Bowery, explaining to the video camera that he cannot get involved in social problems because he is an artist, and resisting bums on the Bowery who attempt to engage him.

In 1968, Levine created an environment which contained static electricity entitled ELECTRIC SHOCK. Photographs of the environment are in the exhibition.

WIRE TAP, 1970
In 1970, Levine produced an exhibition called WIRE TAP in which viewers were permitted to listen in on his telephone conversations. Photos and documentation of this work are included, and audio of the actual conversations can be listened to by the audience.

Les Levine published CULTURE HERO in 1969, a monthly magazine devoted to personalities in the arts. Four examples are shown here.

Link: Les Levine at Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery

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