May 2nd, 2016

Stéphane Dafflon at Xippas

Ste?phane Dafflon at Xippas

Artist: Stéphane Dafflon

Venue: Xippas, Geneva

Exhibition Title: Turnover

Date: March 18 – May 7, 2016

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Ste?phane Dafflon at Xippas

Ste?phane Dafflon at Xippas

Ste?phane Dafflon at Xippas

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Images courtesy of Xippas Gallery. Photos by Annik Wetter.

Press Release:

The Galerie Xippas in Geneva is delighted to present, for the first time, an exhibition by the Swiss artist Stéphane Dafflon. As a continuation of his previous exhibitions Turnaround at the Mamco (2009) and Up and Down at Air de Paris Gallery (2008), the exhibition Turnover displays a journey in five stops, five canvases revealing the trip of a triangle overturning.

Stéphane Dafflon’s paintings are simple at first glance, strangely smooth, however perfectly mastered. Made of geometric and abstract shapes with sharp contours and primary colors, his artworks question first by their effective sobriety. Then, when getting closer, shapes blur, some angles become round and some points progressively unravel. Stéphane Dafflon distorts the line, shifts the alignment, granting a vibratory power to his canvases, which resonates within the space where it is situated.

First created with a computer, Stéphane Dafflon’s artworks, when transcribed onto a canvas or a wall, reveal themselves in their environment. To answer to the XippasGallery’s invitation, the artist created five new canvases specially made for the new space of the gallery situated Rue des Bains. Confronted to this brand new space looking like a “white cube”, the artist contradicts with triangles. Returned, on the side, perfectly straight, melted and merged with others, the triangle jump from canvas to canvas guiding the visitor. The triangle’s turnover interferes with the wandering in the squared room, leaving the visitor a little bit stunned.

Link: Stéphane Dafflon at Xippas

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