June 21st, 2016

Mario García Torres at Museo Tamayo

Mario García Torres at Museo Tamayo

Artist: Mario García Torres

Venue: Museo Tamayo, Mexico City

Exhibition Title: Let’s Walk Together

Date: February 27 – June 19, 2016

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Mario García Torres at Museo Tamayo

Mario García Torres at Museo Tamayo

Mario García Torres at Museo Tamayo

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Images courtesy of Museo Tamayo, Mexico City

Press Release:

The work of Mario García Torres (b. 1975, Monclova, Coahuila) deals largely with locating and challenging the places of art. This interest has taken him on a peripatetic journey. He has considered from deserts to museums, where actual and imaginary artworks or institutions have been created. He has drawn inspiration from storages and mined archives for sources. Along the way, he has stumbled into limitations, whether these take the shape of secrets, forgetting or bureaucracy. He has also investigated time, because it is in time itself where art has often been sited. The artist’s wanderings have thus evolved from quests in search of a destination to surveys of art as incident or event.

Let’s Walk Together captures this ongoing pursuit, presenting a selection of artworks and projects created by Mario García Torres over the past fifteen years. The exhibition brings together this body of work considering the following thematic threads: empathic appropriation, as the artist repeatedly draws from existing artworks or situations to create his own work; correspondence, since he persistently recurs to the epistolary form and internal focalization to externalize findings; and, contemporary archeology, considering much of the artist’s work involves an exploration of spaces and built environments created in the recent past, which were informed, imagined or inhabited by artists.

In a like manner that García Torres’s artistic process entails constant displacements, experiencing the exhibition involves itinerancy, since Let’s Walk Together takes place in different venues throughout Mexico City. To determine the scope and layout of the exhibition, the floor plan of the Museo Arte Sacramento in Coahuila has been overlaid unto the map of Mexico City. This museum-without-walls was founded by the artist in 2004 on a plot of land measuring 1,814 hectares. Thus, the participating venues of the exhibition, including Museo Tamayo, are located within a range of 1,814 hectares in this city. Considering the expansive character of Let’s Walk Together, a guide is published in conjunction to the exhibition, providing venue information and proposing conceptual routes for your exhibition walkthrough.

Link: Mario García Torres at Museo Tamayo

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