August 22nd, 2016

Gaylen Gerber and Studio for Propositional Cinema at Kunsthaus Bregenz

Gaylen Gerber with Rémy Zaugg, Backdrop/LÀ, n.d., 1992|2016, installation view Exhibition, KUB Projects, Bregenz 2016, photo: Gaylen Gerber. Courtesy Mai 36 Galerie, Zurich.

Artists: Gaylen Gerber and Studio for Propositional Cinema

Venue: Kunsthaus Bregenz

Date: June 23 – 26, 2016

Curated by: Eva Birkenstock

Note: The exhibition’s full program is available here.

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Papier und Gelb, Look For Us In The Soundwaves We Will Always Be There, group show with A.P.E, Atelier Impopulaire, Feminist Land Art Retreat, Rheinverlag, Studio For Propositional Cinema, installation view Exhibition, KUB Projects, Bregenz 2016, photo: Gaylen Gerber.

Daniel Buren, Voile/Toile – Toile/Voile, 1975I2016, regatta Yacht Club Bregenz June 24, Exhibition, KUB Projects, Bregenz 2016, photo: Gaylen Gerber. Courtesy the artist, Collection Suzanne and Selman Selvi, Geneva.

Aura Rosenberg, The Dialectical Porn Rock, 1989-, installation view, Exhibition, KUB Projects, Bregenz 2016, photo: Gaylen Gerber.

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Images courtesy of the artists; Kunsthaus Bregenz; Greene Naftali, New York; Papier und Gelb, Düsseldorf; and May 36 Galerie, Zurich. Photos by Gaylen Gerber and Uli Holz.

Press Release:

From 2016 onwards KUB Projects manifests a new line of programming at the Kunsthaus Bregenz dedicated to an expanded engagement with current developments in both contemporary art and society. Based on experimental formats and practices, discussions, and interventions that take place in public spaces, KUB Projects furthermore aims to open up a direct dialogue with the town and its community.

To kick off KUB Projects, Chicago-based artist Gaylen Gerber and the collective Studio for Propositional Cinema have been invited to conceptualize an exhibition, beginning in May outside the Kunsthaus Bregenz and concluding with a series of events taking place 23 – 26 June, 2016. Both artists frame their work as performative in character and have developed unique strategies wherein they incorporate works by other artists and cultural producers.

Exhibition starts quietly, with Gaylen Gerber adapting an artwork from Heimo Zobernig’s recent exhibition – an architecturally scaled black monochrome on Karl-Tizian Platz – for one of his Backdrops. This gesture effectively turns Zobernig’s work into a support for Gerber’s own work, which in turn becomes the ground for another invited artist amounting to a series of gestures which will unfold over the course of Exhibition, with the work simultaneously acting as a visual and metaphorical sign for a more event-based exhibition which will be realized at various sites in and around Bregenz.

From 23 – 26 June, the artists have invited other artists who exist within their broader network of exchange to participate in the exhibition. At each event, a Support by Gerber and a series of interconnected speeches by Studio for Propositional Cinema will act as a platform for a program that includes concerts, film screenings, readings, lectures, and performances. Throughout Exhibition the exchange between support and expression emphasizes the role of context in creating meaning and examines the role of such contextualization as an expressive gesture itself.


6 – 26 June

Gaylen Gerber with Rémy Zaugg
Backdrop/LÀ, n.d., 1992/2016
Latex paint on Untitled by Heimo Zobernig, 2015, Iron scaffolding, 3-plywood, painted black | Karl-TizianPlatz, theater façade

Backdrop/LÀ by Gaylen Gerber and Remy Zaugg is on view from 6 – 26 June on Karl-Tizian-Platz next to Kunsthaus Bregenz. In creating Backdrop/LÀ Gerber adapted Ohne Titel, 2015, an architecturally scaled black monochromatic artwork in situ by Heimo Zobernig. Gerber painted his work directly over Zobernig’s work, effectively turning it into a support for his own gray Backdrop painting. Backdrop in turn, became the ground for an artwork by Rémy Zaugg, (there), which is painted directly on top of Gerber’s background. The resulting artwork Backdrop/LÀ, n.d.,1992/2016, then becomes the ground for Exhibition, a series of events and gestures realized between 23 and 26 June at various sites in and around Bregenz.

Rémy Zaugg Courtesy Mai 36 Gallery


Thursday, 23 June

6.30 p.m.
Keren Cytter & Studio for Propositional Cinema
Scenes at an Inauguration, 2016
Performance | Karl-Tizian-Platz

On the occasion of the opening of Exhibition’s events program Keren Cytter & Studio for Propositional Cinema will debut their new play Scenes at an Inauguration in front of the Kunsthaus Bregenz on Thursday at 6.30 p.m. Taking the form of a table-reading, the individual scenes take place at an art institution. Over the course of the play the insitutitional language and framing is frequently interrupted by various visitors, who add political, social, and psychological dimensions to the situation.

7 – 9 p.m.
Papier und Gelb
Opening, KUB Sammlungsschaufenster | Seestraße 5

The bookshop Papier und Gelb will open a temporary branch in the KUB Collection Showcase in the context of the exhibition Look For Us In The Soundwaves We Will Always Be There. The show includes works by A.P.E. Art Projects Era, Atelier Impopulaire, Feminist Land Art
Retreat, Rhein Verlag (with David Kühne, Sarah Kürten, and Dominic Osterried) and Studio for Propositional Cinema. Papier und Gelb is a bookshop that specializes in artist-led publishing projects. It was founded in Düsseldorf in September 2015 as a collaboration between Rhein Verlag and Studio for Propositional Cinema.

7 – 9 p.m.
Gaylen Gerber & Studio for Propositional Cinema
Opening, KUB Sammlungsschaufenster | Seestraße 5

Exhibition in KUB Sammlungschaufenster opens on Thursday, 23 June, at 7 p.m., with works by Gaylen Gerber and Studio for Propositional Cinema, which highlight their respective practices as sites that foreground the exchange with other artists, artworks, and actions.

10 p.m.
Sarah Szczesny & Lena Willikens
Phantom Kino Ballet, 2016
Performance, Vorarlberger Landestheater | Kleines Haus on Kornmarktplatz

Phantom Kino Ballet by Sarah Szczesny and Lena Willikens is a sound fragment and black theater, painting, Holly Woodlawn’s nervous breakdowns, a stroboscope and dance music, an arpeggiated anime, Mario Montez’ mobile, a kinetic costume, Maria Callas’ cipher and a fog machine. Lena Willikens and Sarah Szczesny present this collage of music, projection, sculpture and puppet show on Thursday,
23 June, at 10 p.m., live on the small stage of Vorarlberger Landestheater. Duration: ca. 50 min.


Friday, 24 June

From 4 p.m., Kickoff: 7 p.m.
Daniel Buren
Voile/Toile-Toile/Voile, 1975/2016
Regatta: Lake Constance, Austria, Germany and Switzerland, Yachtclub Bregenz | Seglerweg 7

Voile/Toile – Toile/Voile (Sail/Canvas – Canvas/Sail), 1975, an artwork in situ by Daniel Buren, will be activated during a regatta on Friday, 24 June, at 6 p.m., in cooperation with Yacht Club Bregenz. Voile/Toile – Toile/Voile was originally realized in Berlin in 1975 and has been activated twelve times (in Geneva, Tel Aviv, Sevilla, Istanbul, and Lucerne, among other locations) since then. It is always made up of two distinct parts. The first part equips nine optimists (small boats for children and adolescents) with fabric sails that carry the artist’s trademark white and colored bands.

Both extreme white bands on each sail have been painted with white acrylic paint on both sides. Then the boats race in a regatta. After the regatta the sails are exhibited in a museum space in the town that hosts the regatta. The individual sails of Voile/Toile – Toile/Voile are presented in the order the boats finished in, from one to nine and from left to right, depending on the venue. In Bregenz the second part of Voile/Toile – Toile/Voile will be exhibited in Exhibition at KUB Sammlungsschaufenster from 25 June onwards together with additional works by Kerstin Brätsch, Tony Conrad, and Aura Rosenberg.

Yacht Club Bregenz can be reached by a 25-minute walk along the shore of Lake Constance in the direction of the Swiss border. The regatta will be visible from the grass bank of the yacht club’s marina or from one of the boats accompanying the regatta. To reserve a place on one of the support boats you will need to book a place under:

From 4 p.m. you are able to attend the preparation of the regatta in the marina of Yacht Club Bregenz. At 7 p.m. mayor Markus Linhart will fire the starter’s gun. The presentation of the artwork Voile/Toile – Toile/Voile was made possible by the generous support of the city of Bregenz.

Courtesy of the artist and the collection Suzanne and Selman Selvi, Geneva

8 p.m.
Dirty Mirrors
Concert, Yachtclub Bregenz | Seglerweg 7

John Miller and Aura Rosenberg will perform as their country-music inspired band, Dirty Mirrors, on Friday, 24 June, at 8 p.m. at the Yacht Club Bregenz. This performance of Dirty Mirrors, who often play together with other artist colleagues, will be one of the rare
occasions when the permanent members Miller and Rosenberg perform as a duet.


Saturday, 25 June

4 – 6 p.m.
Kerstin Brätsch, Daniel Buren, Tony Conrad, Aura Rosenberg Opening, KUB Sammlungsschaufenster | Seestraße 5

On Saturday, 25 June, at 4 p.m., another part of Exhibition opens at KUB Sammlungsschaufenster. This includes the second part of Daniel Buren’s Voile/Toile – Toile/Voile, Aura Rosenberg’s The Dialectical Porn Rock, and artworks by Kerstin Brätsch in which the artist uses the tradition of stained glass as a way to examine her own painting practice, its histories and techniques, as well as various properties of light. In the final room, nine cassette players will present Tony Conrad’s lecture Paul Sharits: Prescription and Collapsed Temporality, 1976/2016, a nine channel audio recording, in advance of its activation on the following day.

6.30 p.m.
Radio Danièle
Tribute to Tony Conrad
Audio performance, Gasthof Pfänderspitze | Meeting point: Valley station Pfänderbahn, Steinbruchgasse 4, Cable car leaves at 6 p.m.

Radio Danièle will present a program in tribute to Tony Conrad, the American conceptual artist and musician, at Gasthof Pfänderspitze on 25 June, at 6.30 p.m. The broadcast will include contributions by Cory Arcangel, Das Audit, Delmont & Demircan, Ann Goldstein, Carol Greene, David Grubbs, Karl Holmqvist, Craig Kalpakjian, Simon Leung, T. Kelly Mason, Albert Oehlen, Tom Simpson, Santos Vasquez, Dawson Webber, XXX Macarena (Tony Conrad, Kim Gordon, Jutta Koether, and John Miller), Ayca Nina Zuch, and others.

Tickets to the cable car have to be purchased individually and are not included. The cable car leaves Pfänderspitze at 9.30 p.m.


Sunday, 26 June

12 p.m.
Tony Conrad
Paul Sharits: Prescription and Collapsed Temporality, 1976/2016
Nine-channel audio recording
Performance, 30:38 minutes
KUB Sammlungsschaufenster | Seestraße 5

Paul Sharits: Prescription and Collapsed Temporality is a recreation of a 1976 lecture by Tony Conrad on the films of his colleague Paul Sharits, which consists of nine audio tapes played simultaneously on nine separate cassette players, addressing the use of scores in Sharits’ work. Last performed under his direction in April 2016 at Light Industry in New York, shortly before his death, the work highlights several elements of Conrad’s complex practice, including sound, performance, cinema, duration, collaboration, and discursive production. The duration of the performance is exactly 30 minutes 38 seconds.


23 – 26 June, non-stop

Radio Danièle

Radio Danièle is a radio project initiated by artists John Kelsey and Christopher Williams in Bologna in 2006. The name references the 1970s radical Italian radio station Radio Alice and honors the late French filmmaker Danièle Huillet. The station’s program consists of over 74 hours of audio material, made with contributions by artists and musicians such as Jennifer Bornstein, Paul Chan, Dan Graham, Mike Kelley, Martin Kippenberger, Thurston Moore, Emily Sundblad, and Lawrence Weiner. The complete program will be played during the duration of the project on Radio Proton – das freie Radio, on the frequencies: 92,7 MHz (Bregenz), 101,1 (Dornbirn), 104,3 (Feldkirch), 104,6 (Bludenz)

In collaboration with the Vorarlberg Radio Proton – das freie Radio

Aura Rosenberg
The Dialectical Porn Rock, 1989 | Various sites around Bregenz

Aura Rosenberg’s ongoing work The Dialectical Porn Rock (since 1989) consists of sculptures made by gluing torn pages from pornographic magazines to rocks with polyester resin. They have been situated both indoors within the art context and outdoors in the sites in which they were found. During Exhibition, in addition to an installation at the KUB Sammlungsschaufenster, a selection of these works, titled in reference to Robert Smithson’s essay The Dialectical Landscape, will be placed at various locations around the city, to be discovered by chance.

Link: Gaylen Gerber and Studio for Propositional Cinema at Kunsthaus Bregenz

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